Australians show how often they wear their clothes between washes


How often do you wear your clothes in between washes? Aussies are divided on their cleaning habits – and their answers may surprise you

  • Australians revealed how often they actually clean their clothes between washes
  • Many disclosed the number of times they wear their outfits before washing them
  • Most confirmed that they wash their clothes after wearing them once or twice
  • Others said they liked wearing their clothes a little longer

Australians have revealed how often they wear their clothes between washes.

In a funny thread on Facebook, a mom sparked a discussion after asking men and women to share the exact number of items of clothing they take from their outfits before throwing them in a laundry basket.

Most people confirmed that they wash their clothes after wearing them once or twice, but others were happy that they wore it a little longer.

‘It depends on how long you’ve worn the garment. If you’ve just run in and out of town I would give it another try, but if it has been in summer all day, it definitely needs a freshening up, ‘one woman wrote.

Another mom explained that she usually wears most of her winter clothes for up to a month before putting them on the pile of laundry.

‘Jeans can last for months. Sweaters for a month. T-shirt and bra weekly, ”she said.

‘If I only wear it for about an hour a day, every day when I go to work instead of working from home. Socks and underwear are changed every day. ‘

Australians have revealed how often they wear their clothes between washes (stock image)


How often do you wear clothes between washes?

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Some said they wash their nightwear every day, while others revealed they can last up to a week.

“My pajamas are washed every day, I never wear dirty pajamas,” one said, while another added, “My mother washes her pajamas after wearing it once … I wear mine for a week.”

Many insisted that everything should be washed after wearing it once.

‘Everything once, clothes, bath towels, pajamas … everything! Once it hits your body, there are sweat, dead skin cells, hair and body fluids, ” wrote one woman.

While another mom said, ‘I’ll wear everything once. Jeans excluded. I’m just not emotionally prepared to go through the process of getting them back into perfect shape. ‘

Others said it depended on the occasion and season, but most of their clothes are washed after being worn two to three times.

Many revealed that the only item acceptable for dodging the laundry basket is jeans.

‘I hardly ever wash my jeans as you don’t hear them,’ wrote one, while another said, ‘Underwear, socks, shirts and dresses – wear once. Pants, sweaters and bras – twice. Jeans – the limit does not exist. ‘

How often should you wash your clothes?

– Shirts, blouses and tights for everyday wear should all be washed every 24 hours

– Pajamas, pants and skirts should be cleaned about twice a week

– Jeans and other jeans and dressing gowns should be washed thoroughly every seven days.

– Wash the bra once a week

– Socks and underwear must be worn once

Not everyone agreed with those who wash their clothes after each wear, and many said they only throw them in the wash when it’s noticeably dirty or smelly.

Please tell me I’m not the only one waiting for things to get really dirty or smelly? Why waste time, energy and resources? ‘one woman wrote.

Another said, “I have to spill or smell a meal before I bother.”

As someone added, ‘I was wondering if there was something wrong with me. Now I understand why my clothes last for years. ‘

Others said they thought it “ridiculous” to hear others wash their clothes after wearing them once.

Wow, washing clothes after wearing them once is crazy. I mean, I’m a huge germaphobe, but that just makes for more ablution than necessary, ‘one wrote.

‘Obviously underpants and socks are worn once, but I wear my bra a few times. Never been a problem unless the weather is hot and I’ve been sweating. ‘