Australians get free $50 Dine & Discover vouchers starting TODAY – here’s how you can claim the money

If you are 18 or older, you can request and use your $25 Dine & Discover vouchers at any time.

You don’t need the Service NSW app to request them – you can do that online at – but you need the four separate QR codes (which are easiest to read in the app with a smartphone) ) to actually spend them.

You need to verify two forms of ID

To receive the four $25 vouchers, you must register online or at a Service NSW office and have your ID verified

Step 1: Register

It’s much easier with an online MyServicesNSW account, otherwise you’ll need to call 13 77 88 and/or go to a Services NSW office to verify your ID first.

To create an online MyServicesNSW account you will need an email address and an Australian mobile number to use for verification. This will take 5 minutes.

You must log in to this account to get started.

Select vouchers in the Services NSW app, or if you are on the Services NSW homepage you will need to scroll to find ‘highlights’ then scroll down to select ‘apply’.

You’ll need to verify two forms of ID online – you’ll be asked to allow your camera to scan your driver’s license and Medicare card, but if you don’t have either of these, there are other options, including passport and birth certificate.

Once these have been successfully scanned, you will be required to provide personal information such as address, phone number and email address.

Once submitted, the automated system should notify you that your vouchers are being processed and will arrive within an hour.

Applying for the vouchers takes about 10 minutes and they will be emailed to you within the hour - so why not use them?

Applying for the vouchers takes about 10 minutes and they will be emailed to you within the hour – so why not use them?

Step 2: Redeem them

You should receive an email confirming that your application has been approved.

The email includes the four $25 vouchers in a PDF and they will also appear under ‘vouchers’ in your MyServicesNSW account in the Services NSW app.

To redeem the four vouchers, you need to show them – only one per visit – to the company you want to dine or ‘discover’ with and they need the QR code for each.

Again, it is easiest to show the QR codes from the app on your smartphone, but you can also show the code from the confirmation email (mentioned above) or even print and present the voucher and QR code on paper.

A crucial step is finding where to spend them: the Services NSW app and has a search bar where you can find where to spend them, searching by zip code, neighborhood or company name.

You can’t spend all four $25 vouchers on a meal: only two vouchers can be used to eat in – but only one per visit.

That means you have to sit down to eat in a restaurant or pub – you can’t use a voucher to pay for takeaways.

The other two vouchers are intended to be spent on ‘entertainment’ businesses, including sports venues, art galleries, live music venues, cinemas and cruises.

Some companies specializing in ‘experiences’ accept the vouchers for the cost of their activities, such as: red balloon.

An obvious shortcut to finding where to spend your vouchers is to ask the place you want to visit if they accept them.

Dine & Discover failed

Paying for anything worth less than $25 – you don’t get change

Trying to pay for a $50 meal with 2 vouchers after your meal – you can only use one at a time

Apply if you are under 18

You cannot use the vouchers to:

exchange for cash

trade or repay a debt

use for takeaway

pay for online orders

use for alcohol

buy tobacco

buy drugs

spend on gambling

use them with a company that is not registered to accept them