Australian woman reveals the secret trick to keep her tiles streak-free


How To Get Sparkling Clean Floors Year Round: Mommy Reveals The Secret Trick To Keep Her Tiles Shiny Without Leaving Streaks

  • Mom Shares A Trick For Keeping Floors Sparkling After Using $ 2.74 Cleaning Product
  • The Aussie woman said she used the $ 49 Vileda ‘spin mop’ and cleaning vinegar
  • She said the cleaning method made a “huge difference” to her tiles

A mom shared her simple trick to keep floors sparkling clean without leaving streaks after using a $ 2.74 cleaning product.

The Australian woman said she used Vileda’s $ 49 ‘spider mop, half a cup of cleaning vinegar sold at Bunnings, and boiling water.

Cleaning method [methylated spirit] didn’t like us, so it’s a Vileda mop, vinegar and boiling water for the win, ‘she wrote in a Facebook group.

‘They have made such a huge difference. I enjoy the clean floor feeling. ‘

A mom shared her secret to keeping floors sparkling after using a $ 2.74 cleaning product

She initially cleaned her floors with a perfumed cleaning solution containing methylated spirits, but was left with ‘streaks’ all over her tiles.

Many were impressed with her results, some said they would give the tip a try, while others shared the products they used on their floors.

‘Looks fantastic. I washed my shiny tiles with my spider mop, vanilla scented metho, and boiling water. They always come up with something tasty. The best method I’ve ever used, ”said one.

The Australian woman said she used the $ 49 Vileda 'spin mop'

She cleaned her tiles with half a cup of white vinegar, which is sold at Bunnings for $ 2.74, and hot boiling water.

The Australian woman said she used the $ 49 Vileda ‘spin mop’ (left), half a cup of cleaning vinegar sold at Bunnings for $ 2.74 (right), and boiling water.

Another woman said she also used the same mop and cleaning vinegar to wipe her tiles – and she was quite happy with the results.

‘It works. I still had to towel dry the floor under my feet to polish it up a bit. But it certainly made it easier, ”she said.

Others said they get the same sparkling results by cleaning their tiles with boiling water and dish soap.