Australian tennis star reveals dark side of sports betting Priscilla Hon trolls threats social media

Australian tennis star reveals horrific online posts showing how horrific beating athletes endure from angry gamblers – including wishing her whole family would get cancer

  • Priscilla Hon has revealed the mean messages she regularly gets on social media
  • Some messages wish the Australian tennis player and her family death
  • The explosion in sports betting has increased the number of upset gamblers







Australian tennis player Priscilla Hon has revealed the vicious messages she regularly receives on social media from upset gamblers – including some wishing she would ‘die of cancer’.

The rise of sports betting has also led to a rise in outraged gamblers blaming losing athletes for their own losses, with the 24-year-old Queenslander saying she receives abuse, racism and threats every week.

Australian tennis player Priscilla Hon (pictured) has revealed the mean messages she regularly receives on social media from upset gamblers

Hon has taken screenshots of the hate she receives through Twitter. Some posts contain death threats and despicable racism

Hon has posted screenshots of just some of the posts, mostly from gamblers who just lost money betting on her matches.

“I sincerely hope you die of cancer, motherfucker,” says one message.

‘You f****** worthless piece of garbage. Please oh please don’t ever play tennis again, you suck asshole,” said another.

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Hon said hate posts on social media are now commonplace for all tennis players.

“I would speak for most of us by saying we’re sensitive to it,” she said.

“When I see them I don’t feel much, but that doesn’t make it right. It’s sad that humanity is dropping to this level just because they lost a bet on a tennis match.”

With the explosion of online sports betting, Hon says tennis players are quite prone to abuse

Many other tennis players have also spoken out about the abuse they receive online.

British player Jan Choinksi says he has received thousands of messages from trolls.

“I get at least 25 or 30 per game,” he estimated in an interview with Subway. “It’s terrible to lose anyway, but to know you’re going to have to deal with that too is really… annoying.”

“They have said everything imaginable and have even sent pictures of people being beheaded. It’s really bad,’ he said.

“You just know you’ll get the messages even if you weren’t favorite to win the match.

Hon (pictured) says it’s sad that humanity is sinking to this level. Many other tennis players have also spoken out about the abuse they regularly receive on social media

“I’ve had people send pictures of bet slips where they’ve lost money, so it’s very likely someone bet for or against me and I didn’t win or lose in their favor.”

American player Shelby Rogers’ raised the issue after her loss at last year’s US Open to Emma Raducanu.

“I’m getting nine million death threats and stuff,” Rogers said.

“You could probably browse my profile now, I’m probably a fat pig and words I can’t say right now.”

Fans were quick to empathize with Hon after she revealed screenshots of the abuse she is receiving, with some asking her to name and shame the trolls.

Some Hons fans believe that the online trolls should be called and shamed for their abuse

“I don’t think you should protect the pseudonyms of these horrible individuals. Not that these cowards would use their real ID, but maybe for legal reasons? Full support Priscilla, we love you and appreciate your talent and impeccable attitude on and off,” said one Twitter user.

Another replied, ‘It would actually be better not to hide their names! They should be mentioned and shamed! This is unacceptable and they don’t deserve privacy!’


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