Australian mom complains about five-year-old son’s sugar-filled, processed lunch box

Mom gets slapped over lunch box she makes for ‘hungry’ five-year-old son – despite looking very nutritious

  • A mother has been reprimanded for lunch she makes for her five-year-old son
  • She gives him white bread, salami, cabanossi and grated mozzarella cheese
  • Also included are marshmallows, a muffin and strawberries covered in sprinkles
  • Parents criticized mother for feeding her son so many processed snacks

A mother has been criticized for the ‘processed’ lunch she makes for her five-year-old son.

After complaining that he was hungry despite eating a large omelet for breakfast, the mother began packing for him a large box filled with white cheese bread, salami, cabanossi and shredded mozzarella.

She also gave him a handful of mini marshmallows, a muffin with chocolate chips and strawberries covered in colorful sprinkles.

But a photo of the spread was slammed when it was shared in an Australian Facebook group, with members urging the mother to consider more nutritious snacks for her growing boy.

A mother has been criticized over 'processed' lunch (pictured) she makes for her five-year-old son

A mother has been criticized over ‘processed’ lunch (pictured) she makes for her five-year-old son


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“Mr 5 is still hungry after eating a four-egg omelet and asked for a box lunch. This boy is going to eat me poor,” she wrote online.

Many said the refined sugar and processed carbohydrates that provide short bursts of energy rather than release them slowly throughout the day were likely the cause of her son’s hunger.

“Looks like a lot of processed food, maybe that’s why?” wrote a woman.

Others suggested swapping white bread for brown and giving the child something nutritious instead of processed meat.

“Maybe try more complex carbohydrates and proteins,” said one.

A second added: “Try to omit the sprinkles and add chia seeds and maybe some coconut.”

A third said the mother should try to give her son a bigger breakfast.

“My daughter is constantly hungry and often eats three servings of dinner,” she wrote.

‘Try oatmeal or Weetbix with yogurt and then the omelette. I’ve found this helps my daughter get through the morning better than either one.”

However, some were intrigued by the colorful lunch and admitted they wouldn’t mind trying it for themselves.

‘Strawberries by the hundreds and thousands? That seems like quite a combination to me. I have a feeling it would be strange, but I want to try it now,” said one woman.