Australian man sparks heated debate after naming flashy new housing commission building

Australian man sparks heated debate after calling flashy new housing commission building: ‘I’m paying off a mortgage – I don’t live in a place this beautiful’

  • A video complaining about people in flats before housing commissions has gone viral
  • Videomaker used a sarcastic tone in a clip filmed in front of an apartment building
  • The commenters’ response was not the support he seems to be looking for



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An Australian man has gone viral with a video he posted on social media complaining about the housing commission’s beautiful flats in his area.

But the answer was not what he was apparently looking for.

The video, which was posted on TikTok on Saturday evening, already had almost 9,000 likes and 1,500 comments on Sunday afternoon.

“Australia is a country,” the man said sarcastically, implying that the people who lived in the housing commission’s houses were bangers.

Pictured is the social housing complex featured in a video that has gone viral on TikTok

‘Look, these are committee houses or council flats, housing provided by the government.

“Look at the cars and stuff, man. The government has arranged that,” he says.

The man went on to say that he works ’55 hours a week. I think I paid seven hundred dollars in tax this week alone.

“I’m paying off a mortgage – I don’t live in such a nice place,” he said.

He finished by drawing his attention to the fact that there were cars parked near the block.

‘Look at the cars. Good country this, mate.’

But most commentators did not share his view, suggesting that people on benefits get an easy ride.

“They’re new…Would you like them to build it to look old?” asked one.

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This high-rise block in the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood is what public housing used to look like

Another said: ‘It’s okay to look after another Australian partner. How does it affect your life? You’re going to pay the same tax anyway. It’s okay to help others.’

There was also a suggestion for the creator to “quit your job and default on your debts and see how easy it is for those who live below the line.”

A woman offered a possible explanation for the cars that bothered the man so much.


Do you think that people who qualify for social housing should be given a nice place to live?

  • Yes. Everyone deserves a chance at a roof over their head
    6 votes
  • No. They should only get the most basic form of housing available 11 votes
  • It depends. Some people are poor through no fault of their own, but some of them are just bludgers 6 votes

“I’m a counselor for people with disabilities,” she said. “Some of these flats are custom made for wheelchair users and those cars are ours when we work with clients.”

Another person who spoke about the vehicles in the video said ‘those cars are all at least ten years old, bro’.

There was also a comment about the man’s tone in the video, with a poster that read ‘Now say it again, but without the bitterness. This is a good thing.’

That providing this type of housing is ‘a good thing’ has been a general consensus among commentators.

The housing certainly looks a lot nicer than some of the older housing stock that was given to people on social assistance in the past.

One commenter pointed out that “probably retirees live there” and another said: “So you’re complaining that people who need help have access to it?”

However, there was some support for the video poster.

“They do their homework and know how easy our system is to take advantage of,” said one.

Another said they were ‘working for social housing and couldn’t understand why a single retiree was living in a 3 bedroom apartment!!’

“It’s shocking how much they get,” said another poster in agreement.

But overall, the commentators viewed decent social housing as a positive, with the person writing, ‘It’s nice to know that if I’m injured, I can fall back on that’, speaking for many.

‘I’ve been a dole bludger for 20 years – I know all the loopholes’

Ben Hoy, 42, (pictured) told Daily Mail Australia he’s been a ‘crazy bludger’ for the past two decades

Ben Hoy is 42, but for most of the last two decades he admits he’s been a “crazy bludger.”

The father of two, who is estranged from his children, has occasionally worked since his late teens, mostly as a laborer.

In 2017, Mr Hoy told the Daily Mail Australia that he ‘knows the loopholes’ to keep his benefit – despite not actively looking for work.

“Well, so to speak, I’ve been on benefits since I was 17 and I know all the loopholes,” he said of his 20 years on welfare.

“Every time they want me to work for benefits, I change agency and it all starts over.

“They don’t follow it, they don’t do anything.”


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