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Aussies divided over Coles, Woolworths and Aldi checkout hack

Aussies divided over checkout hack Coles, Woolworths and Aldi: ‘Mindblown’

  • Shopper shared checkout divider hack
  • Customers were amazed by the simplicity

A customer sparked discussion with a simple hack that could completely change how supermarket cashiers are used.

Aussies traditionally place plastic dividers parallel to the food items on the conveyor belt.

But one customer says this is the wrong way and that the dividers should be placed lengthwise so that there is a 12-inch gap between each customer’s groceries.

The customer says that the hack not only creates a wider gap between the customers, but also that the conveyor belt sensor works well.

“I’m at the store tonight and noticed some of you don’t know how to use the divider,” they wrote on Facebook.

‘You have to go a long way to make the sensor trip and keep your distance. Some of you use it as a privacy fence!’

A customer has left customers speechless with a simple hack that could completely change the way supermarket cashiers are used

Social media users were completely shocked by the simple hack.

“Wait, that’s actually brilliant,” someone said. ‘Bewildered’.

Another added: “I’ve been doing it wrong all along. It makes more sense to do it this way.’

“I didn’t know it was for the sensor, I thought it was literally dividing up the groceries so the cashier knows what’s first person and second person,” a third wrote.

Some customers were not impressed, claiming that dividers should be placed parallel to the food.

‘Are you joking? Put it in a little corner, it does the same thing without wasting all that space,” one wrote.

Added a second: ‘Stupid waste of space. It’s about getting your goods on the belt, with a thin line between orders.

“I’d be p***ed if someone put that vertically, and I had to wait to get the groceries out of my cart.”