Aussie world champion Ebanie Bridges SLAMS calls for boxing ring card girls to be banned

EXCLUSIVE: Furious Aussie World Champion Ebanie Bridges SLAMS Calls for Ban on Boxing Ring Card Girls: ‘I used to do it – nobody held a gun to my head and said take off your gear’

  • World Champion Ebanie Bridges Condemns Call to Ban Boxing Card Girls
  • Bridges worked as a ring card girl in Australia and believes it’s part of the sport
  • The Blonde Bomber Says Being a Card Girl Made Her Want To Get In The Box More

World boxing champion Ebanie Bridges has rejected calls for a ban on boxing ring card girls after working as a boxer herself during her early days in Australia.

The IBF bantamweight champion has been competing in martial arts since she was five years old, but before competing as a professional on the world stage, she worked as a ring card girl at boxing and Muay Thai events for many years.

World Boxing Champion Ebanie Bridges (Pictured) Has Rejected Calls To Ban Boxing Ring Card Girls After Working As A Self In Her Early Years In Australia

World boxing champion Ebanie Bridges (pictured) has rejected calls to ban boxing ring card girls after working as a self in her early years in Australia

The Ibf Bantamweight Champion (Pictured At A Boxing Event In Australia) Has Been Practicing Martial Arts Since The Age Of Five, But Before Competing As A Professional On The World Stage, She Worked As A Ring Card Girl In Boxing For Many Years. And Muay Thai Events

The IBF bantamweight champion (pictured at a boxing event in Australia) has been practicing martial arts since the age of five, but before competing as a professional on the world stage, she worked as a ring card girl in boxing for many years. and Muay Thai events

Politicians and women’s organizations have called for a ban on scantily clad women in recent years, but the ‘Blonde Bomber’ says their opponents have no idea what they are talking about.

“I traveled all over Australia with Fox Sports doing ring card girl stuff,” Bridges, 36, told Daily Mail Australia. ‘I loved it. I was paid to do my favorite thing.’

‘I like to entertain. I like the stage. I enjoyed showing off my body that I worked hard for. And people who want to get rid of it are people who don’t. We all love it.

‘Promo girls love their profession. Models love their job. I love my job boxing. You don’t do that job because you’re forced to. No one held a gun to my head and said, ‘Take off your gear.’

Grid girls have been removed from professional racing in many parts of the world and politicians tried to stop Octagon Girls at the most recent UFC event in Australia.

Bridges argues that the women are just as much a part of the show as anyone else – including the fighters.

“Boxing is an entertainment sport, it always has been. And ring girls are entertainment,” Bridges says.

“If I were a ring girl now, I’d be ashamed if someone banned me. Being a card girl, I wanted to box more. Card girls ask me all the time how you get into the sport.’

Bridges recently took some time to reflect on how far she’d come in recent years by posting a clip of her journey from ring card girl to world champion on social media.

Bridges (Pictured Celebrating Her World Title Win) States That The Ring Card Girls Are Just As Much A Part Of The Show As Anything Else

Bridges (pictured celebrating her world title win) states that the ring card girls are just as much a part of the show as anything else

‘I set goals and I achieve them. I refuse to let anything beat me — and I’m not going to waste a minute,” Bridges said.

The former Sydney school teacher has made a big impression in the UK since moving there, winning over fans with her sense of humour, aggressive boxing style and glamorous weigh-in attire.

She captured the IBF world bantamweight title in just her ninth professional fight and aims to be the undisputed champion of her division by 2024.

Bridges (Pictured) Says Being A Card Girl Inspired Her To Pursue Professional Boxing

Bridges (pictured) says being a card girl inspired her to pursue professional boxing

Bridges is currently preparing to defend her world title when she takes on bitter rival Shannon O’Connell on December 10.

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