Aussie TikToker Asks If Its Ok To Be ‘White Straight Male’

An Aussie TikToker who railed against “feminist dudes” and asked if it was “ok to be a white, straight male?” has found out much to his chagrin that it is sometimes better not to chase clout and broadcast one’s misogynistic monologues online. 

The TikToker, also known as Phlinmartin was viewed over one million times before he removed it from his account.

But, virtual worlds can be permanently deleted. A number of video responses – called stitches – appeared on TikTok, as other users called him out on his misogyny. 

‘Born Straight White Male’

@will_yum_gibb #duet with @phlinmartin can’t believe this is real. #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – user00071871610

Phlinmartin posted the video a few days ago saying, “I’m just taking the piss, sorry if you’re upset. Sincerely.”

“I do have a genuine question and please answer this with respect because I’m asking with respect. Is it okay to be a white straight male? Because I was born that way, there’s not much I can really fucking do about it,” he said, trying to appropriate the ‘Born This Way’ phrase used by the LGBTQI community. 

He tried to spruik up his “straight” credentials. “I hit the gym and I preach being a fucking legend and like I speak like that just to take the piss but in reality, I’m probably a nice guy if you actually met me but like seriously what’s actually wrong with being like fit, healthy, not gay, like there’s nothing wrong with being gay but what’s wrong with not being gay?” 

@the_bushchook_bandit #stitch with @phlinmartin ♬ original sound – the_bushchook_bandit

The TikToker then tried to take a leaf out of the ‘incel’ manual  and sought to emphasise how important heterosexual guys were to the world, claiming, “without people like me, you don’t reproduce like society doesn’t fall apart.”

‘Gym Going Guys With Testosterone In their Systems’

@sophadophaa #stitch with @phlinmartin ♬ original sound – soph

He then went on a tirade against “feminist dudes”, exposing his own bigotry and ridiculing people who did not fit his criteria of an ideal body image.

“Like if we’re in a club and there’s like some feminist dude who’s like fat, overweight, doesn’t know how to fight and he comes up to you to slap your arse, who are you coming to, to get to help you, someone who’s jacked and who goes to the gym, enjoys having testosterone in their system,” Phlin appeared to as girls on TikTok. 

“It’s a little bit inconvenient. When you go fuck men, I don’t need men, but I’m about to get in trouble… men… I need money… like not to sound like Andrew Tate but it’s all very convenient,” he said referring to controversial British influencer and former professional kickboxer Tate, who was banned from multiple social media platforms for his misogynistic statements. 

TikToker Roasted for Misogynistic Videos

@ivy.eve.scarlet #stitch with @phlinmartin #fyp ♬ original sound – Ivy🪄

Philin turned up his misogyny.  “I know I’m ranting here but you’re not special because you’re a woman, I’m not special because I’m a man, it’s just the reality of life you’re born with what you’ve got and you make it work.”

“You can march all you want, you can dye your hair any colour you want, you can grow your armpits out as long as you want, I don’t give a fuck but you’re not doing anything — all your doing is making yourself unappealing as fuck,” he concluded his rant. 

Other users were quick to call him out, with one user responding, “there’s nothing wrong with being a straight, white male, but there is something wrong with being a c*nt though.” Another user said that they were trying to get away from guys that Philin claimed to represent. 

Tran woman and Tiktoker Ivy Eve Scarlet said that “the difference is if I ask the same exact question but supplementing my identity, you get taken down or I get ‘hate-crimed’ or something along the lines of that”.

Philin appears to have removed his TikTok profile on Tuesday morning. A search for the social media handle returned a message, “couldn’t find this account”.

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