Aussie legend in a shirt drives a Hungry Jacks drive-thru with his forklift. in


Larrikin in a shirt drives his forklift into a Hungry Jacks drive-thru to pick up a meal

  • The forklift driver was seen waiting patiently between the cars at the drive-thru
  • The caption of the Tik Tok video read: ‘You see this s**t in Australia’
  • Social media users congratulated the ride on its alternative forklift use

A larrikin in a shirt drove a forklift through a Hungry Jack’s drive-through – and managed to pick up his meal.

The bizarre scene was filmed in the western suburbs of Melbourne and uploaded to Tik Tok on Tuesday, on Terry Mann’s song ‘National Anthem of Straya’.

As he donned a black woman beater, you could see the driver waiting patiently to pick up his food for a white Subaru.

“Dude in a forklift at Hungry Jack’s drive-thru,” read the caption. “You only see this in Australia.”

Drive-throughs generally won’t serve customers coming in even if the rest of the point of sale is closed, leading those without a car to take extreme measures.

Viewers flocked to the comment section to congratulate the driver on his creative use of a forklift.

“Well, you can’t walk through it,” wrote one viewer.

“Maybe get me a forklift. I’m going to do this,” added another.

Another wrote: ‘Street registered that he can drive wherever he wants.’

Australians are allowed to drive a forklift on the road if it is registered with a license plate.

The man had attached an LPG gas bottle in case the machine ran out of fuel

The driver was wearing a black woman knocker and could be seen patiently collecting his food in front of a white Subaru (pictured)

International users signed up and said they had seen people driving tractors and army vehicles through fast-food restaurants in their home countries.

But one user commented: ‘Hungry Jack’s is only in Australia, so yes, you only see this in Australia.’

The franchise is known as ‘Burger King’ in every other country.