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AUKUS Submarines Deal: Former Prime Minister Paul Keating Criticizes Albanian Labor Government Over Nuclear Submarines

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating criticizes his own side of politics over the AUKUS nuclear submarine deal claiming it is Labor’s worst global decision since World War One, while questioning the competence of Anthony Albanese.

  • Paul Keating calls the AUKUS pact the worst deal ever
  • Question how quickly Labor accepts the deal
  • Former Labor leader says China is not a threat

Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating criticized Anthony Albanese’s government over the AUKUS defense pact, calling it the “worst deal ever” and questioning the Labor leader’s competence.

In a brutal takedown, Keating told the National Press Club in Canberra on Wednesday that the AUKUS defense pact, under which Australia will buy eight nuclear-powered submarines in partnership with the United States and Britain, was a strategic mistake because China failed to submit a real threat of invasion.

He accused the Albanian government of agreeing to the $360 billion deal, which was brokered by the previous Morrison government, in just 24 hours.

‘How would you do this in 24 hours?’ asked Mr. Keaing.

‘You can only do it if you don’t have the perceptive ability to understand the weight of the decisions you are asked to make.

Former Labor Prime Minister Paul Keating criticized the Albanian government over the AUKUS defense pact.

It’s what other people call incompetence. I’ll call it maybe “try”.’

Calling it the worst decision by a Labor government since World War I, Prime Minister Billy Hughes supported conscription. Keating said the entire deal was based on the misconception that China posed a direct threat to Australia.

“This is a distortion and it’s not true,” Keating said of this idea.

“The Chinese have never hinted that they would threaten us or said so explicitly.”


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