August is selling his View video doorbell again six months after he has taken it off the shelves

Smart home company August is again selling its View video doorbell, a product that only three weeks after launch in April due to connection problems.


An August spokesperson says The edge the company has "made improvements to the doorbell camera connectivity, video quality and operational speed (faster notifications and device wake-up time) based on early user feedback." Our original assessment specifically mentioned the poor connectivity as one of the disadvantages of the gadget of competing with the Amazon ring line.

At the time, August took the unique approach of letting customers who bought the View video doorbell keep the device and receive a full refund as long as they have provided some information about their home network settings and View Installation as a way to help the company solve problems in August. In August you can also simply send in the device and be done with it. But in case you have kept it, you can now install an automatic firmware update as soon as it is re-enabled and connected to Wi-Fi to resolve the connection problem.

The device can be purchased from The August website for $ 229 from today.