Audi and Honor Play: fast phones and fast cars are a perfect collaboration

<pre><pre>Audi and Honor Play: fast phones and fast cars are a perfect collaboration

Honor's latest handset, the Honor Play, so named because of its focus on gaming performance, is proud of its speed and performance. Thanks to the addition of Honor's brand new GPU Turbo technology and the excellent Kirin 970 processor, performance is the best. And what is the only sensible thing to do if you have a fast, powerful and streamlined new device? Work with a car manufacturer who is also known for creating fast, powerful and sleek technology, of course.

Honor is working with Audi to promote the arrival of the latest device. The Honor Play has been announced as the official partner of the Audi Sport R8 LMS Cup, the Asian racing class in which each participant drives an Audi R8. With the shared slogan, "Crazy Fast, Crazy Smart", Audi and Honor seem to be a perfect combination. Of course, technology can be very different: one keeps us digitally connected to the rest of the world, the other allows us to travel, but the ethos of both companies is well coordinated. They are fast and they are powerful.

GPU Turbo processor

Both the Honor Play and Audi Sport R8 give priority to speed and performance. While the Honor Play stands for the GPU Turbo processor, allowing faster gaming, the Audi R8 is proud of its V10 engine. Unlike the GPU in a mobile phone, the engine is the heart of the car and at Audi V10 everything revolves around speed.

But speed is only a part of it. Efficiency is also important. Honor Play GPU Turbo processor improves the performance of the battery while playing games, making the device much more energy efficient and you can enjoy your handset more between charging. The Audi R8 is equally efficient. Audi has created a Space Frame chassis that gives the car a lightweight design. This in turn maximizes the efficiency of the car – the lighter it is, the easier it is to power the car without overloading the engine.

Consumption and style

And that is exactly the same as the GPU Turbo. Thanks to a careful and innovative design, the GPU Turbo succeeds in improving the graphics performance of the handset by up to 60% while reducing energy consumption by 30%. Not only is it very impressive, it is also a new record in the area of ​​energy consumption versus performance balance in smartphones.

The style of Audi versus Honor is also worth a mention. Audi is a brand that is not only known for speed and performance, but also for luxury and elegant style. The new Honor Play device, the Honor Play, summarizes all elements perfectly. It is super fast, has excellent performance and is super efficient thanks to advanced GPU technology. But it is also a sleek handset, one that turns into luxury.

So yes, a car and a cell phone may seem like a strange match, but the Audi Sport R8 and the Honor Play have a lot more in common than at first glance.