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Auckland mum-of-two hits back at trolls who judged her for not folding her family’s laundry


Mother refuses to fold her family’s laundry: “It will just be put in a drawer anyway”

  • Mama says she never folds clothes
  • She said they get wrinkled in drawers anyway
  • The admission divided thousands of parents

A mother of two has split thousands after admitting she never folded her family’s laundry.

Rachel Jane said she “couldn’t think of anything worse” than having to fold every piece of clothing as she sorts her family’s laundry, leaving moms confused.

She said she “doesn’t care” how her kids’ clothes end up in their drawers because they “just get messed up anyway,” prompting many to applaud her hassle-free laundry approach.

The Auckland mum shared a time-lapse of her tidying up and decluttering her guest bedroom as she cleared mountains of laundry to create a tidy office space – but there was one detail that many viewers couldn’t get over.

Viewers were shocked by the mother over how she organized laundry, with a comment, “No foldable clothes? My OCD just ramped up.”

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Rachel said as she folds towels to fit in the linen closet, clothes get shoved in a drawer because they 'just get messed up anyway'

Auckland mother-of-two Rachel Jane has responded after critics criticized her for admitting she didn’t fold her family’s laundry. She said laundry was her “least favorite chore.”

Rachel shared a response to the judging laundry enthusiasts, saying it’s her “least favorite chore” and that her kids are happy and healthy despite not having any folded clothes in their closets.

“I didn’t expect to trigger so many people by not folding our laundry, I never do,” she said in a TikTok clamp.

“I couldn’t imagine anything worse than sitting here and folding all that laundry and we’re all fine.”

Rachel said people have even expressed concern for her children after finding out she wasn’t folding laundry, to which she reassured them that they were happy and healthy.

“It just gets shoved in their drawers and just gets messed up anyway, so who cares?” she said.

“My towels get folded because they’re piled up in the linen closet, but I don’t care about anything else and we’re all happy and healthy.”

Rachel said people have even expressed concern for her kids after finding out she wasn't folding laundry, whereupon she assured them they were happy and healthy

Rachel said people have even expressed concern for her kids after finding out she wasn’t folding laundry, whereupon she assured them they were happy and healthy

Viewers were still unconvinced, deeming Rachel’s carefree laundry system “insane.”

“It creases, it gets disorganized so you can’t find things and it takes up more space,” said one woman.

“Girl, but I could never do it,” wrote a second, and a third added, “I’m sorry, but putting clean clothes on the floor is crazy to me.”

“Why don’t people fold as soon as they’re done when you take them out of the dryer? Why wait for the full 100 loads to be done,” commented a fourth.

However, many were quick to defend the mother and confessed that they also refuse to spend time folding their laundry.

‘Good job!!! Folding clothes with children is a waste of time, you work smarter not harder!’ a user replied.

“Folding laundry is also the bane of my existence,” a second agreed, and another said, “I started doing this a year ago! Laundry GAME CHANGER!!’.

‘I agree with you! Folding baskets and baskets of laundry for five people is depressing and pointless with kids rummaging through the drawers anyway,” one wrote.

“You know the whole theory of putting everything in your drawers is low key, something many do but don’t want to admit,” another mom commented, while another said the practice was “perfectly normal.”

Some parents shared their own lazy mum hacks with someone explaining that she lets her family do whatever they want with their laundry.

“I’m about to bring the bucket method back into the house. Everyone has a bucket and clean clothes go in there, what you do with it is up to you,” said one woman.

“I’ll run the dishwasher two to three times if it means I don’t have to stand there scrubbing them,” a second added.

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