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Aubrey O’Day reveals miscarriage weeks after going public with her pregnancy


Singer Aubrey O’Day, who revealed she was pregnant in mid-January, shared sad news on Monday: She had a miscarriage.

The Danity Kane alumna told E! News she was “beyond heartbroken” to have lost her baby. She had quickly sparked confirmed rumors that she was pregnant after rocking her belly while posing for photos at a Jan. 17 event in support of an arts school.

“This isn’t my first pregnancy,” said O’Day, 39, “but it’s the first time I’ve been mentally healthy and in a physically prepared place to take care of another life.”

The former girl group member and reality TV personality said there were times when she blamed herself for the miscarriage. Then “she realized there isn’t just one chair at the table.”

on Monday Instagram, O’Day wrote, ‘I wouldn’t change a thing. I think it’s important to let things happen, and to stay ‘happened’. People change so you can learn to let go. Things go wrong so you appreciate them when they’re right… and sometimes things you want most fall apart so better things can fall together. Everything happens for a reason, I will always love you my little one.

O’Day did not reveal, but told, the child’s father the sun in January that she had “someone special” in her life, three years after parting ways with “Jersey Shore” alum Pauly D, aka Paul Michael DelVecchio Jr. The new boyfriend is not famous, said the sun.

The singer and OnlyFans entity is not deterred in her quest for motherhood.

“Let’s appreciate, appreciate and respect all the moms out there,” she told E! News, “and the rest of us who will be unstoppable in our pursuit to become mothers one day!”

She also urged any women who had gone through the same thing to reach out to her via Instagram, saying, “I’ll be your sounding board and someone to confide in.”

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