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Yahoo Plus Protect Home lets this dad sit back and relax. (Photo:

Yahoo Plus Protect Brand Ambassador and Proud Dad Christophe Keyes has his hands full arguing over two kids, so he doesn’t have time to troubleshoot tablets or worry about a slow smartphone. Kids put your priorities in perspective, and fussing over tech devices is a priority that’s pretty low on the list.

So what should a busy parent do when personal electronics inevitably run into technical difficulties? Keyes has it figured out. He stated in a recent online post that he has outsourced the work to professionals — the folks at Yahoo Plus Protect, who work with all kinds of technology every day — while keeping his eye on what matters most: his family. And he couldn’t be happier.

“Do you see this father here[?]…He doesn’t worry about his precious and expensive devices breaking down. This dad got smart and used Yahoo Plus Protect,” Keyes wrote, referring to Yahoo’s home device protection service, which provides 24/7 technical support and repair or replacement for many home electronics failures — all for just $15 a month.

$15 a month

“Whether the kids are rough or the little one drooling from the electronics, [I know] that whatever happens [our] precious toys are always protected from harm,” Keyes continued.

Fellow Yahoo Plus Protect brand ambassadors Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs agreed, write in an online message“Over time, we’ve learned the hard way to make sure all of our smart home devices and gadgets are secured.”

“We are always super excited to get our new device[s] unpacked and set up,” the couple noted. “It’s also so exciting and reassuring to know that our smart home devices and gadgets are protected. Yahoo Plus Protect Home is an easy and exciting choice for extended warranty coverage for any number of devices.”

Yahoo Plus Protect is your own tech superhero to call if something goes wrong with your equipment. The service is designed to ensure that home tech users like you don’t have to worry about what happens to their precious tech toys. It helps pay for repairs, replacements – in some cases, it even pays for new devices.

The plan protects products such as flat screen TVs, laptops, game consoles and more. Unlike most protection plans that you buy during checkout in stores (you know those, the kind that only cover the product purchased during that particular transaction), Yahoo Plus Protect Home can cover your TVs, laptops, tablets, and more. regardless of when or where they were purchased.

“You can rest assured that the protection, 24/7 support, and peace of mind are all there,” says Keyes of a Yahoo Plus Protect subscription.

$15 a month

You'Re Busy.  Let Yahoo Plus Protect Take Care Of Your Tech Toys (Picture: Getty)

You’re busy. Let Yahoo Plus Protect take care of your tech toys (Picture: Getty)

The best thing about Yahoo Plus Protect is that you can contact a US-based tech expert by phone 24/7 for your device issues. Once the problem has been identified, the plan will repair, replace or even reimburse the covered problems. Subscribers also get one home visit per year for your tech issues, so you don’t have to worry about unplugging your glitchy tech and dragging it to a store.

Get expert advice and support for your home technology and protection for eligible products. The plan includes:

The special sauce in the plan is that if Yahoo Plus Protect Home can’t fix the problem, you’ll be given a replacement or refund based on qualifications such as the replacement cost, age, and overall condition of the product before the problem started.

With Yahoo Tech Plus, All You Have To Worry About Is The Score, Not Your Technology (Picture: Getty)

With Yahoo Tech Plus, all you have to worry about is the score, not your technology (Picture: Getty)

Yahoo Plus Protect Home works with US-based tech experts who know how to get you back online so you and your family can get back to your normal digital life, whether it’s watching a favorite cartoon on your tablet or the virtual handing in of homework.

No need to keep track of multiple warranty plans, rummage through a pile of takeout menus to find receipts, or worry if your plans have expired. Protect your favorite things like TVs, laptops, tablets and more with one easy solution. Yahoo! Plus Protect Home Tech Protection Plan starts at $15 per month.

$15 a month

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