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As is common practice for large mobile companies, AT&T today announces a revision of its unlimited plans, replacing the two previously offered plans (AT&T Unlimited & More and Unlimited & More Premium) with a trio of new plans that all look alike but be subtly different. This is what is new and how it relates to the company's now canceled plans:

  • AT&T Unlimited Starter: Replacement of the AT&T Unlimited & More plan as the cheapest plan of AT&T, Unlimited Starter costs only $ 65 per month for a single line or $ 35 per month for four lines. It is AT & T & # 39; s most basic "unlimited" service. You get unlimited calling, texting and data, with the ad that AT&T can nip you when it is decided that the network is too busy. Unlike the other plans, there is no guaranteed data pool before the prioritization starts. You are also limited to SD quality video and there is no option to share your internet by using your phone as a mobile hotspot. You do get unlimited data in Canada and Mexico. In contrast to the old subscription, free AT&T WatchTV live TV service is no longer included.
  • AT&T Unlimited Extra: At $ 75 per month for a single line or $ 40 per line for four lines, Unlimited Extra is close to the price point of the old Unlimited & More subscription (which costs $ 70 per month for a single line and $ 40 per month for four lines). But its benefits are more like AT & T & # 39; s more premium unlimited options. There is now a pool of 50 GB of guaranteed high-speed data before AT&T prioritizes your internet and up to 15 GB of LTE data for mobile hotspots per line. Video is still limited to SD, and no free HBO or AT&T WatchTV is included.
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite: AT & T & # 39; s most expensive plan, starting at $ 85 per month for a single line or as low as $ 50 per month with a family plan of four. It most closely resembles the previous Unlimited & More Premium plan (which cost $ 80 for a single line or $ 48 per line for a family plan of four). It offers some improvements over the old plan: there is now 30 GB of mobile hotspot data per line instead of 15 GB, and it has a limit of 100 GB before AT&T starts prioritizing your data (compared to 22 GB earlier). But there are also a few drawbacks: instead of allowing customers to choose between different entertainment options (such as Spotify Premium Showtime, Starz or Cinemax), the new Unlimited Elite subscription only offers a free HBO subscription. Just like the other plans, there is no longer any free AT&T WatchTV service.

AT&T also quickly notes that all its US customers who also subscribe to HBO – whether through a paid subscription or as a free perk of a current (or & # 39; future & # 39;) unlimited subscription – also have access get until the upcoming HBO Max service (which usually costs $ 14.99 per month) when it is launched in May 2020.

The new AT&T Unlimited Starter and AT&T Unlimited Extra plans will be launched on November 3, while the AT&T Unlimited Elite will be listed as "coming soon".