<pre><pre>AT&T is the last to cancel priority measures for Galaxy Fold

AT&T has become the newest retailer to cancel pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold. In an email received by Tom & # 39; s guide regarding the pre-order device of the publication, AT & T said that "Samsung postponed the release of the phone, meaning that we cannot ship your phone." Tom & # 39; s guide reports that other customers also received the same e-mail. In April, AT & T said it expected the device to ship today, on June 13.


Best Buy canceled its Galaxy Fold pre-orders last month, and Samsung also announced it would cancel each of its own pre-orders unless customers specifically stated otherwise.

AT & T said that all prepaid money would be refunded and that the affected customers would receive a $ 100 AT&T promotion card within the next 60 days. Customers can re-order the Galaxy Fold via AT&T as soon as Samsung announces a new release date, but it is unclear when this will be exact. Samsung delayed the release of the Fold two months ago after several evaluation units, including the device that was sent to The edge, broke from just a few days of use.

Multiple Galaxy Fold samples, including the device that was sent to The Verge, broke after just a few days of use.
Photo by James Bareham / The Verge

When the redesigned Galaxy Fold is sent is still the big mystery. Last month, Samsung & # 39; s co-CEO DJ Koh stated that the company had reviewed the defects and would soon come to a conclusion on the solution, adding that the release "will not be too late." However, a firm date has yet to be announced.

When contacted us today for comments, a Samsung spokesperson pointed us to the company existing statement of 22 April, where the company said it would announce a new release date for the phone & # 39; in the coming weeks & # 39 ;.