<pre><pre>ATMs in the Netherlands have started showing signs of missing children

From last week, 300 cash machines were manufactured in the Netherlands by In2Retail started displaying reports about missing children. The cash machines are currently located mainly in airports, shopping centers and near tourist attractions. If the idea proves to be successful, authorities can extend the system to other ATM suppliers with the goal of eventually covering the entire country. The Netherlands is the first country to use its ATMs to display such warnings.


Compatible ATMs can display two different types of warnings: the Netherlands-specific Missing Child Alert and Amber Alerts. Both notifications are about missing children, but an Amber Alert is used if people think their life is in immediate danger. When this more serious warning is used, text messages will also be sent, Facebook notifications will be sent and radio and news broadcasts will be interrupted. According to, in By 2018, 26 reports had been issued about 30 missing children throughout Europe. 97 percent of the children have recovered successfully.

In addition to the warnings that will display a child's photo and information about their potential whereabouts, the ATMs will also show a campaign video to encourage people to sign up to receive future notifications on their phones. says that links to public information are removed once a child is found.

ATMs are the newest location to display Amber Alerts, which are already displayed on advertising screens, highway signs, billboards and websites in Europe, the United States and elsewhere. Important apps such as Waze and Google Maps have also integrated the functionality into their software.