Atlanta city councilor who voted for ‘Defund the Police’ measure is dragged across the road by car thieves


An Atlanta councilor who supports the Defund the Police movement and is running for mayor was towed while holding his car while it was stolen at an event Wednesday.

At a ribbon cutting in northwest Atlanta, four people got into Antonio Brown’s car when he got out to talk to someone just before noon – and left.

“Several men got into his unlocked car and drove off,” police said. Brown was driving a Mercedes Coupé, which has push-button ignition.

Atlanta city councilor Antonio Brown was the victim of a car theft on Wednesday morning

Atlanta city councilor Antonio Brown was the victim of a car theft on Wednesday morning

He said he held the car and was dragged around a block before letting go.

The councilor told it WSBTV that he was on hold with the emergency number for five minutes after the incident. Brown also claims it took the police 45 minutes to arrive because it was assigned as a low priority message.

However, he has reported it to the police VOC 5. His car was parked hours after the incident, but no arrests have been announced. Brown has no plans to press charges against the perpetrators.

“At the moment, agents are gathering information on exactly how this happened and are working to identify everyone involved in the incident and locate the stolen vehicle,” police told police. Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Brown told the paper that the thieves appeared to be children, saying, “These kids were somewhere between 7 and 11 years old in my opinion.”

He also claimed that someone was “pretending to have a gun.”

You don’t immediately think, ‘Oh, these kids are going to steal my car,’ Brown said.

Ben Norman of the Dixie Hills Neighborhood Association, with whom Brown spoke, tried to intervene, he said.

Ben tried to open the door to get there [the driver] out of the car. He fought with Ben. I got engaged then and tried to get him out of the car, ”Brown stated.

He and Norman both held on to the car, with Norman letting go first. Brown said he was scratched during the confrontation.

“He started to speed up and I knew if I hadn’t let go, I could have killed myself because he was going so fast,” added Brown.

Brown entered the Mayor’s race on May 14 to replace Keisha Lance Bottoms, who is not running for a new term.

Brown claims he was dragged into a block after a group of children jumped into his car and fled

He runs on a platform of ‘reshaping public safety’ and has previously expressed his support for the ‘Defund the Police’ movement.

Brown voted in favor of an ordinance that would have withheld $ 73 million from the city’s police budget pending a plan by the mayor to change police culture.

That ordinance was eventually voted down.

The movement has been facing obstacles of late, with many cities starting to roll back proposed cuts and even increase funding for police forces.

Of the country’s 20 largest police departments, city leaders have already submitted budget proposals for next year for 12, and nine of those are calling for a 1 to 6 percent increase in funding, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The Change of the Sea comes a year after the murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer sparked calls for the defundation and even the abolition of police departments, with many city leaders resisting to comply.

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio reversed course and pledged $ 92 million for a new district after scrapping the project last summer, pledging to cut the NYPD budget by $ 1 billion.

In Baltimore, Mayor Brandon Scott, who last year was in charge of cutting police funding as a city councilor by $ 22 million, is now pleading with the city for an increase of $ 27 million.

And in Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti has proposed an increase of about $ 50 million after the city cut $ 150 million from the LAPD budget last year.

In Texas, the state legislature is pushing a bill that would severely punish cities that defuse their police department.

Primarily targeting city leaders in Austin, the liberal-dominated state capital, HB 1900 passed the Texas Senate Monday over Democrats’ objections.

The bill would allow vast areas of Austin annexed since the 1990s to vote to secede from the city unless police funding is restored.

The drop to ‘Defund the Police’ is because the homicide rate rose by an average of 30 percent last year in 34 major cities, and has continued to rise dramatically in many places this year.

Atlanta police report that homicides are up 52 percent from a year ago and shootings are up 40 percent.

Brown has legal troubles of his own as he is being charged with federal fraud charges for allegedly lying about his income to obtain loans and credit cards for personal use.