At age 74, Arnold Schwarzenegger makes lifting hundreds of pounds seem easy: ‘I did it!’

He may be 74, but the Terminator can still lift like a beast. (Credit: Instagram)

Leave it to Arnold Schwarzenegger to show us what today’s 74 might look like!

To usher in his 74th birthday, the Terminator himself decided to test his limits by lifting what in an Instagram video looks like five 45-pound weights (which could potentially weigh more than 270 pounds).

“I did it!” Schwarzenegger, who has been following a vegan diet for the past few years and even executive produced the documentary about vegan athletes The Game Changers, said proudly in the video shared by his son Patrick.

“Happy birthday pops,” Patrick wrote in the caption. “I can’t believe you became a grandfather in the past year. I can’t wait to see what happens this year!”

“Also,” the caption continued, “I have no idea how you are today 74 and still carry so much weight. I really hope I am half as strong physically and mentally as I am your age.”

Other members of his family joined in to celebrate the big 7-4.

“GRANDPA!!” his daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger, who recently married Chris Pratt, wrote teasingly, “Why is it necessary to spank too?”

Anyway, we’ll have what he’s got.

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