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Astonishing CCTV Footage Emerges, Unveiling a Massive Twist in Lidia Thorpe’s Strip Club Dispute.


Extraordinary CCTV footage from Lidia Thorpe’s strip club stoush shows her repeatedly marching up to a man and pointing in his face – despite claiming to be provoked.

The video, obtained exclusively by Daily Mail Australia, provides a bird’s-eye view of the rogue senator’s actions as she shouted obscenities at a group of men outside Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club in northern Melbourne after 3am on Sunday.

The footage shows her walking out of the club and gesturing wildly to a group standing on the street.

Video, filmed by a witness and first published by 7News on Sunday, revealed that Senator Thorpe had pointed to the men and said, “You have a small penis.”

She then marches up to one of them, keeps her face just inches from his, and says: ‘you, you are marked’.

Senator Lidia Thorpe was seen multiple times for more, including filming the men (pictured)

The CCTV footage now shows that the disgraced senator went back several times – despite claiming she was wooed.

She walks to a waiting taxi, then returns for more before a friend pulls her away.

Just as she gets into a taxi, she returns to aggressively film the men, holding the camera in front of their faces.

Daily Mail Australia revealed this morning that Ms Thorpe has been given a lifetime ban from the strip club.

The venue’s general manager, David Ross, told this masthead that her behavior was “simply unacceptable” and that she had walked up to gamblers earlier in the evening to accuse them of “stealing her land.”

Senator Thorpe (pictured) was filmed unleashing an extraordinary spray on a group of men outside a strip club in Melbourne at 3am Sunday

Senator Thorpe (pictured) was filmed unleashing an extraordinary spray on a group of men outside a strip club in Melbourne at 3am Sunday

At one point, the senator approaches one of the men and says,

At one point, the senator approaches one of the men and says, “You’re marked”

“She was very animated and argumentative,” he said.

“I think to the credit of our punters who were up front, they didn’t get aggressive and try to fix the situation.”

“I have never seen a racially inspired problem in our club before,” he said.

“People of all nationalities come to the club. I like to say that adult entertainment has universal appeal – it doesn’t matter what background you come from, it’s all entertaining. But she’s not welcome.’

David Ross, general manager of Maxine's Gentlemen's Club, said he had never seen a

David Ross, general manager of Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club, said he had never seen a “racist-inspired incident” at the venue (pictured) before and was shocked by Senator Thorpe’s behavior

Mr. Ross has since written an official letter to Senator Thorpe’s office informing her of the lifetime ban.

“In the future, please do not attempt to enter the venue again, as being denied entry may result in further embarrassment,” the letter reads.

Senator Thorpe, who was out with a group of three friends for a 50th birthday party, had previously told 7News that she had been provoked and harassed by the men.

“It’s sad that people use anything to bring me down when we try to discuss important issues in this country,” she told the network.

Daily Mail Australia has repeatedly asked Senator Thorpe’s office for comment on suggestions that she was the one provoking gamblers.

Mr. Ross, the club's general manager, (centre) has given Senator Thorpe a lifetime suspension

Mr. Ross, the club’s general manager, (centre) has given Senator Thorpe a lifetime suspension

In the footage published by 7News, one of the men calls her a “racist dog” to which she responds “f*** you” before a friend stops her.”

She tells the men, “All I want to say to the black brothers out there and to everyone we fight…

“Any black man standing like that with the f****** white little c*** – you (sic) can all get f***** too!”

One of the men asks, “How the hell does someone get into parliament like you?”

She hits back: “We’ve been oppressed all our lives in this country and you let this dog talk…”

A member of the group told 7News that the senator was “out of control.”

It comes as the senator faces a chorus of criticism from her colleagues.

Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie said there was ‘no way out of this’ and suggested Ms Thorpe get advice during an appearance on Sky News on Monday.

“I think when you’re out so late and you put yourself in a situation like that, you better take responsibility for your actions,” Ms Lambie said.

‘You are a politician, and sometimes we make a mess, but not taking responsibility for it yourself is not very convenient.

“If you don’t think you’re doing it right, go do what the rest of us are doing — go get some counseling or psychology, because honestly, something needs to be done.”

“But this is what I would say to Lidia: You just can’t keep doing this.”


Dear Senator,

I am writing to you regarding your presence at Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club on Saturday night and the incident outside the venue after hours at 3am, Sunday, April 16, 2023.

Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club is a local Brunswick club that prides itself on providing a relaxed environment and promoting harmony among patrons of all genders and of all ethnic and religious backgrounds; a fact of which the staff and dancers are very proud.

With this in mind, and after reviewing security footage and speaking to staff and security, I must inform you that you are no longer welcome at Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club. In the future, do not attempt to re-enter the room as entry may be denied for further embarrassment.

Yours faithfully,

David Ross

General manager

Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club

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