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Association investigates after scandal in Rotterdam


The Dutch football association KNVB has condemned the incidents in the Ajax Amsterdam cup semifinals at Feyenoord Rotterdam and announced investigations.

Former Bundesliga professional Davy Klaassen was hit in the back of the head by an object thrown from the spectator stands during the 2-1 win by Ajax and had to be treated. The game was interrupted for about half an hour.

The KNVB announced that a “further low point” had been reached. “Thousands of people go to the stadium to watch the players play football. It’s crazy that they don’t seem safe on the pitch.”

With all security precautions, the problem begins with the intentions of the perpetrators. “If you don’t come to the stadium for football, but to riot, then stay away,” wrote the association, “of course” the incidents would be investigated.

Suspect still arrested at the stadium

The classic was interrupted for the first time right at the beginning because the home fans had triggered a massive smoke development by burning pyrotechnics. After a break of around five minutes, the smoke and fog had cleared, allowing the game to continue.

Klaassen, who made it 2-1, was hit after an hour and was bleeding from the head. As the Rotterdam police informed via Twitter, a 32-year-old man was arrested in the stadium during the game. He is suspected of throwing the object onto the field that injured Klaassen. The man comes from Roelofarendsveen, a place between Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Shortly after the game had resumed, ex-Bremer Klaassen had to be substituted.

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