Ask Tony: Why is Halifax making it so difficult for me to close the ISAs of my deceased wife?

A sad reader is struggling with getting back the £ 50,000 that his deceased wife has invested with Halifax

My wife invested £ 50,000 in Isas money in Halifax, which ended on April 25, 2018.

When she was unable to come to the branch office due to illness, I wrote that she did not want the money to be reinvested and instead to be deposited into our joint savings account.

The bank did not answer. Unfortunately she died on 9 May.

Halifax says it has no record of receiving my letter.

A sad reader is struggling with getting back the £ 50,000 that his deceased wife has invested with Halifax

A sad reader is struggling with getting back the £ 50,000 that his deceased wife has invested with Halifax

Halifax claims probate at amounts of more than £ 50,000. It advised me that the balance was £ 54,065, although the funeral expenses could be paid for it, which would bring it below the £ 50,000 threshold.

After her funeral I took invoices amounting to £ 4,432 to my branch and contacted the head office.

I was shocked when I discovered that if the undertaker had delivered the flowers and catering on one invoice, it could be settled with the balance – but the three separate invoices could not.

Because the undertaker's invoice was £ 3,954, the account remained at £ 50,111 and I have to set up an investigation, which costs me £ 215.

I feel let down by Halifax.

K. B., Durham.

There was a time when writing a letter attracted attention. Now it seems more likely that it has been ignored or lost.

That's why I always choose when I send an important letter, signed for & # 39 ;, so I have proof that it has been received. At Royal Mail this costs £ 1.68 for a small letter that is second class and £ 1.89 for a large letter.

Halifax has checked again and still can not find any trace of your letter. It also confirms that only the funeral bill can be paid directly from the estate.

After you have granted the grant of the Certificate, which you have named as the executor, the account has been closed and the money has been transferred to you.

Halifax, however, agreed that its internal procedure with regard to the payment of funeral expenses had to be clarified.

That is why it has updated its internal guidelines and re-issued it to ensure that others are not misled as you were.

It has also reimbursed the cost of treatment and added £ 200 for the suffering and inconvenience you have suffered.

A spokesman says: "We are very sorry that the experience of your reader at what we know was a very difficult time. We will ensure that the right steps are taken to prevent this from happening again. & # 39;

You have your say

Every week, Money Mail receives hundreds of your letters and e-mails about our stories. Here are some articles from last week's article about a British businessman being examined after expats have lost up to £ 6 million by investing in his companies …

If someone had an investment company called SawYouComing, you would be crazy to invest. Likewise, why would anyone believe they would receive a return of 24 per cent a year?

R.P., York.

If it looks and sounds too good to be true, then that is usually the case. It is the easiest thing in the world for a good conman to redeem greedy people from their money.

P. Y., Plymouth.

When will investors realize that there is no such thing as a free lunch – or a huge return on their money? Greed can ruin many.

R.J., Spain.

This kind of crime is no better than a common robbery.

B. N., London.

Not all risky investments that go wrong are fraud. Sometimes companies fail and people have to take responsibility for their own investments.

W.H., London.

I know someone who lived in Spain and lost an eye-weakening amount in a similar program in Costa Rica. Even smart people can be stung by conmen.

W. S., New Forest, Hants.

I feel very sympathetic to these poor people. They were like lambs before the slaughter.

S.D., London.

I received a letter from SSE stating that it had taken over my gas and electricity supply from Scottish Power – this was without my permission or agreement.

I have a fixed rate with Scottish Power until 30 April 2019. Scottish Power sent me a final statement showing that I pay £ 111.84 for electricity and £ 58.31 for gas.

I called Scottish Power to request the refund and refused to do so until SSE returns my inventory.

This matter has caused me untold stress and because I am a cancer patient, it is just an extra burden for everything.

M. D., by e-mail.

I do not think we can speak Scottish Power here, because it was SSE who took your account.

SSE has investigated the problem and agrees that you have a & # 39; improper transfer & # 39; have experienced. This is where another client has applied to switch to SSE and inadvertently entered an incorrect address that happened to be yours.

This can sometimes happen if a company has a wrong house number or a zip code.

SSE says: & # 39; As an energy supplier, we can only act on the basis of information provided to us by a customer and we have therefore made agreements to transfer this property from Scottish Power to SSE in accordance with the information provided.

& # 39; Once we were aware that the customer had given us the wrong address, we took steps to solve the problem.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience or suffering your reader may experience, but would like to reassure her that her inventory has been returned to Scottish Power, who continues to bill her as if she had never left her offer to ensure she was no financial problems have a disadvantage. & # 39;

Now your power is back where it should be, you should be able to recover from your overpayments without any problems.

Right to the point

My partner was refused a contract for a mobile phone because she has no credit history.

She has taken out a specialized credit card development card, but it charges 50 percent interest. How long must she use this before she is accepted for a better one?

D. B, by e-mail.

there are no set rules. Rachel Springall, of Moneyfacts, recommends waiting at least three months before submitting a new credit card application.

If your partner has already applied for more in a short time, it is better to wait six months.

Keep an eye on her credit score with free services like Noddle.


My husband received a text message saying that he had won £ 489,500 in a promo draw from Samsung UK / Malaysia. He received a unique code and asked to send his name, address and telephone number to to claim. What is this?

C. C., by e-mail.

This is a scam that is designed to steal your personal information and money. An online search reveals that your husband is not the only one who is targeted.

One person who responded to the text said that he was asked for a "foreign tax & # 39; to pay for releasing the prize. Another says that the scammer has a & # 39; courier wage & # 39; demanded.

Do not respond to the message. Report this to your provider and Active Fraud (0300 123 2040).


I booked a parking lot at Manchester Airport via Ryanair and got £ 61.82.

But according to my PayPal statement, the airline had taken £ 73.82.

The customer service said that I had to contact the airport. To make matters worse, I had to cancel my vacation and parking because of bad health.

S. R., by e-mail.

A Ryanair spokesperson says it has investigated and reimbursed the full parking fees.