ASK TONY: Tesco refused to tell me about my mother and the fraud

A reader said after his mother passed away, they noticed large payments from his bank account to Tesco and decided to investigate

After my mother passed away, I noticed large payments from her bank account to Tesco.

She employed a cleaner / & # 39; caretaker & # 39; that he knew the PIN on his debit card. I do not want to think that this person has abused my mother's trust and that there may be an innocent explanation.

I contacted Tesco to ask if they would reveal details of my mother's purchase history. At first they were willing to do this, but then they turned it around.

A reader said after his mother passed away, they noticed large payments from his bank account to Tesco and decided to investigate

A reader said after his mother passed away, they noticed large payments from his bank account to Tesco and decided to investigate

I do not want to worry about the expenses or the anguish of a lawyer when Tesco can use a minimum of common sense and disclose the details to determine if my mother has been a victim of fraud.

I have no other reason than to convince myself that someone my mother trusted was worthy of that trust. K. H., by email.

Tony responds: What objection could Tesco have when sharing the details of your mother's purchases?

Judging from the responses you received, a self-important twerp had entangled itself in data protection.

Instead of checking what the regulations were about sharing this type of information, he chose to make his life more difficult.

Your mother died without leaving will. The banks were useful and did not request Management Letters to release assets.

However, Tesco demanded them to share your mother's shopping lists!

They also asked for a written authorization, signed and dated by the personal representative of the deceased.

And they asked him to complete a request for access to the topic. This is basically a formal request to release data. What a fool!

As he said in his longest letter, Tesco wanted to obtain more information than he had provided to obtain the bank statements, his mother's medical history and his post-mortem report.

The Office of the Information Commissioner confirmed that neither the Data Protection Law nor the General Data Protection Regulations were applied.

Finally, Tesco gave in and provided the information it had requested. But his actions throughout this matter were useless and shameful.

A Tesco spokesman says: "We are sorry for the loss of Ms. H". To protect our customers, we request proof of identity before sharing customer data.

"As soon as he did, we were pleased to share the information requested."

I asked about sending flowers or coupons as an apology. No offer was received, although it was exempted from the fee normally charged for providing lists of previous purchases.

Straight to the point

I was delayed at the Birmingham airport for five hours in 2012 on a Ryanair flight. The EU rules allow a retroactive complaint up to six years ago. Ryanair agreed to pay me € 800 more than three months ago, but it did not. P. W., West Midlands.

He is absolutely right that he is entitled to compensation. Ryanair has now put a check on the publication.


I have a lasting power for my aunt. British Gas believes it has an account even though its floor does not have gas supply. Two letters have arrived, one with a final bill of 25p. J. E., by email.

British Gas apologizes for the delay, which blames an industry database. A spokesperson says: "Although we updated our records and closed the gas account, the industry database was still pending update." You will not receive more bills.


I have seen accounts and investments labeled as & # 39; FSCS-protected & # 39 ;. What does this really mean? A. B., by email.

If your money is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), you can recover part of it if the holding company declares bankruptcy. Deposits are covered up to £ 85,000. Investments are protected up to £ 50,000. You can check the regulated companies here:


I submitted a complaint to Resolve and I want to call to find the result but I can not find your phone number. K. Y., by email.

Resolve does not have a customer phone line. He says that this is to keep his costs low. Send an email to the customer service team at:

The late payment of the mortgage reduced our credit score

The payment of my mortgage in Halifax is usually made on the 27th of the month. For some reason, the December payment was not made.

I picked this up on January 4 and made a payment, four business days late.

Halifax reported this to the credit bureaus as a late payment, which damaged our credit rating.

But its terms and conditions state that a payment must be "full 30 days late" to appear on a credit report. O. R., Greater Manchester.

Tony responds: Halifax argues that when she signed up for her mortgage, she gave her permission to share information about her account with credit reference agencies.

In addition, he says that he is required to submit an end-of-month report of pending payments to the relevant credit reference agencies & # 39;

He argues that by providing the information at the end of December he was following the procedure.

However, this is not a requirement; it is simply an agreement with the credit reference agencies, which are companies, not regulators.

Halifax says that if your bank made a late payment, you should request a letter confirming it and request that a correction be applied to your credit file.

He also contacted the Financial Ombudsman, a fact I did not know when I intervened because he did not tell me. I, therefore, stepped back and waited for his opinion.

You have recommended that your complaint not be maintained. He says that because no payment was made in December, Halifax had the right to register it.

You can choose to challenge this view and request a final opinion.

I would like to remind other readers that if the Financial Ombudsman is involved, I can not investigate your complaint.

> Discover how to verify, improve and protect your credit score

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