Asian Games 2018: The gold of the singles could not be won due to the high fever, says Rower Dattu Bhokanal

Asian Games 2018: Couldn

Dushyant Chauhan, who had won bronze in lightweight sculls in Incheon, defended his third place in the event, while Bhagwan Singh and Rohit Kumar helped India win another bronze in the men's lightweight double sculls.

"I could not win gold because of the high fever and I was not in shape even before the tournament, since August 19, I had a fever, but I was still able to train," Dattu told reporters as part of a congratulatory ceremony. Calcutta Rowing Club. here.

"On the day of the race (August 23), my boat (a single scull) fell and I fell into the water, my ears and nose were covered, which aggravated my fever," he added.

"It could have worked much better if I had not had health problems to fight with," said Dattu.

He stressed that it was due to his teammates that he could do well in the team event and took a full break before the quadruple sculls.

"I was disappointed that I failed in my singles sculls, my teammates were there to support me and I rested completely before the team event," said Dattu.

The Indian men's team consisting of Sawarn Singh, Bhokanal, Om Prakash and the young Sukhmeet Singh were present along with the national head coach Ismail Baig. Dushyant, Bhagwan and Rohit were also present.

There were controversies off the field that tarnished the performance of the rowing contingent, with the team's biggest coach Nicolae Gioga of Romania fired hours after India took the gold, the second in the history of the Asian Games.

The fight between trainer Gioga and the Indian rowers had existed for a while and stood out during the Games with the first openly criticizing the rowers while their methods were not liked by their pupils.

When asked about it, Dattu refused to blame the Romanian.

"I do not want to comment on that, I received advice from our Indian coach and foreign coach as well, I have delivered under both, so I would not like to blame anyone," he said.

Coach Baig, however, was more direct, saying that Gioga's stubborn ways got in the way of team preparation.

"He has a brilliant track record, but he just did not click with us, he never listened to the players and went his own way," Baig told IANS.

The problem started when Gioga claimed that one of the rowers, Dattu Bhokanal, left the race halfway. He also claimed that the other rowers did not train enough or follow their methods, so they became prone to injury.

The 66-year-old Romanian had won five gold medals with the Romanian national team at the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games, before training teams in Asia, including China and Iran. In the 2017 Asian Rowing Championships, he coached Iran in five gold medals.

In addition to the rowers, the heptathlete gold medalist Swapna Barman and the gold medalists Pranab Bardhan and Shibnath De Sarkar were also congratulated.