Asian Games 2018: I would have won the gold of the Asian Games if I had assistance from the State, says the wrestler Divya Kakran

Asian Games 2018: Would Have Won Asian Games Gold If I Had State Assistance, Says Wrestler Divya Kakran

Wrestler Divya Kakran, who won a bronze in the recently concluded Asian Games, lashed out on Wednesday against the government of Delhi for not giving her any help before the games. "Nobody helps us when we need it and if he had received assistance, he could have even won a gold medal," he said at a congratulatory event held by the Delhi government. Kakran defeated Chen Wenling of Taipei in the 68 kg women's wrestling category in the international event.

During an interaction with Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal at the Delhi Secretariat, the wrestler said that the city government offered his help only after winning the medal, but received no assistance "at the time he needed it." "I won the medal in Commonwealth Games and you called me and you made sure … when I asked for help to prepare for the Asian Games, (the help) did not come in. I gave it in writing, but nobody answered my call," Kakran said. He appealed to the prime minister to help poor children. "Although I am poor, I have the fire to do something in the fight.

If you support, it will be very good, "said the bronze medalist, taking another dig in the administration led by Kejriwal, Kakran said that athletes from neighboring Haryana shone at the Asian Games because they received support from their state. won because they have support, "he told the prime minister.

Kejriwal, who gave the wrestler a patient hearing, said he agreed with her, but said his government faced numerous obstructions at work. "There were several shortcomings in the sports policies of the Delhi government, we have made several efforts to reform them since they came to power, you read in the newspapers how obstructions are created in our work, all of our policies were stopped at the top level by one or more … the other reason, "he said.

The prime minister said his government could only make decisions on administrative issues after the recent verdict of the Supreme Court that confirmed the power of the Delhi government to legislate and rule on key issues. He also announced a raise in the cash prizes for the medal winners. "The announcement we made today is due to the Supreme Court ruling, it would not have come without the verdict of the Supreme Court," Kejriwal said.

The supreme Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced that the Delhi government had modified its policy last week and substantially improved the cash incentives for the medal winners at international events. He said that the winners of the gold medal in the Asian Games will now receive Rs 1 crore instead of Rs 20 lakh they were receiving before. Similarly, the silver medal winners in the Asian Games will now get Rs 75 lakh instead of Rs 14 lakh and the bronze medal winners will get Rs 50 lakh instead of Rs 10 lakh, the chief minister added.

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