Asher-Smith seals the sharp golden sprint as he leads Britain to victory in the 4x100m relay final

Asha Philip, Imani Lansiquot, Bianca Williams and Dina Asher-Smith celebrate the winning gold

The witness has passed. Not just from one woman to another in a mad and golden relay 4x100m on Sunday night, but also in the broader sense that Jessica Ennis-Hill finally has a successor as the heroine of British athletics.

It probably can also be expanded, why is an athlete of any kind in this country more promising than Dina Asher-Smith at the moment?

Who is producing moments of brilliance as he has done in the last week and did it once more in this last and crazy segment of his Berlin tricks?

Asha Philip, Imani Lansiquot, Bianca Williams and Dina Asher-Smith celebrate the winning gold

Asha Philip, Imani Lansiquot, Bianca Williams and Dina Asher-Smith celebrate the winning gold

Probably no one and a relay gold medal were not necessary for that state, of course, because it was those two 100m and 200m deadbolts that sent a booming message that melted away from Europe and from all corners of the world. They heard it in the Caribbean, in the USA. In the West of Africa and in any other place where the leading sprinters are sitting asleep and observing what has been happening here.

Everyone listened, loud and clear. But then this, the last layer of Polish in the halo in what is ordinarily classified as the bonus material in the DVD. It's a relief Nice, fun, but not essential, you know. And yet, faithful to the rest of the championships, Asher-Smith was able to turn it into something else, given that the race was so absurd when the 22-year-old took over and said to herself with a bit of talent Theatrical: "Not on my watch."

The reason is, of course, that Britain almost spoiled it. They should not, given that they are the silver medalists in the 4x100m.

But when the staff arrived at Asher-Smith, through Asha Philip, Imani-Lara Lansiquot and Bianca Williams, they were in a mess. In fourth place, in fact, behind Holland, Germany and Switzerland 100m away. That should not happen for a country that has been forced by the need to give more importance than most to these marginal medals by not having enough people crossing the world.

Asher-Smith led Great Britain to victory in the 4x100m women's relay final on Sunday

Asher-Smith led Great Britain to victory in the 4x100m women's relay final on Sunday

Asher-Smith led Great Britain to victory in the 4x100m women's relay final on Sunday

And so the shame attracted the team and a part of the story was slipping away from Asher-Smith, who was trying to become the first Briton to win three gold medals at the same European Championship.

That was when he left the window, and then Asher-Smith grabbed the cane and replaced it. He passed by everyone, one by one. He made the 100m look like a long way because he actually finished 0.27 seconds behind Holland. Amazing, really.

And then he started dancing again. Three times in a week has jumped in delirium with that big smile. Get used to him.

"I just thought there was no way we could get out of here with anything less than a gold medal," he said. "When they gave me the witness, I said:" Not today, today is our day "and I am very happy to finish with the girls I saw people and I thought" not on my watch "I am so happy. & # 39;

Britain's men's and women's relay teams celebrate the winning gold in Berlin

Britain's men's and women's relay teams celebrate the winning gold in Berlin

Britain's men's and women's relay teams celebrate the winning gold in Berlin

A bit of drama for a woman who is becoming quite adept at putting on a show. He climbed to 100 meters on Tuesday and won a double world champion at Dafne Schippers, being the fastest in the world this year at 10.85 seconds.

And then he returned to the track on Saturday and demolished Schippers again, this time at the best distance from the Dutch. Time? 21.89sec The fastest in the world and also a destruction of his British record, just as he had done in the 100m, but even more impressive.

There is a logical saying for emotion. Yes, she is the most promising name in the configuration, an athlete along with Katarina Johnson-Thompson, the 100-meter European champion Zharnel Hughes and Reece Prescod, who could fight for world medals. But moving from the European level to the world level has been a problem for Great Britain. They won more athletic medals here than any other nation: 18, with three gold medals last night when you included Laura Muir in 1500m and the 4x100m men's team, but they had more in Zurich in 2014 and still only had Mo Farah as an individual medalist . in the worlds last year.

Furthermore, as Asher-Smith points out, nations outside the republic and Europe have had a year of inactivity. So, although she is the best of the bunch this season, if you expand the data to include 2017, which contained a world championship, it is ranked equal in sixth place for 100 and third for 200. An impressive ranking, but great athletes They are ahead of her and close.

And yet, who would bet against the summit? After last week, that would be a brave bet.

Meanwhile, CJ Ujah's men's quartet Hughes, Adam Gemili and Harry Aikines-Aryeetey trotted home at 37.80sec to take the 4x100m gold away from Turkey.

A fitting end to a championship dominated by British sprinters and one in particular.



Dina Asher-Smith was at the top of the pile, but a good show also from Katarina Johnson-Thompson, who took silver heptathlon behind Nafi Thiam. After years of demonstrations, the 25-year-old proved to be against a very strong field and has the courage and the game to be a serious contender on a global and Olympic level. Excellent breakthroughs for 100m champion Zharnel Hughes and 400m gold medalist Matt Hudson-Smith.


Lorraine Ugen was world leader in the long jump in 2018, but did not reach the second half of the final. Morgan Lake, the silver medalist of the Commonwealth Games, was also "dismayed" after only 1.91m in the high jump and finished seventh. Commonwealth hammer champion Nick Miller, who is generally a world-class competitor, came tenth.


Britain reached its 12-16 goal in the British sports medal and it will be a great relief for performance director Neil Black that Asher-Smith, Johnson-Thompson, Hughes and Reece Prescod are emerging as legitimate contenders on the global front. But it should not hide the fact that other areas have not yet been met. They won 23 medals at Zurich 2014, the last European Championship in a non-Olympic year.


Hudson-Smith taking gold in the 400m. The 23-year-old explained before the event how he moved from his mother's home in Wolverhampton on a whim a year ago to save his career in the United States. If he had not left, he would resign, having lost the love of sports. He had caused disqualifications in the relays of the Games of the Commonwealth Rio 2016 and 2018 and he saw himself as a "curse", so this was a good redemption.


The Russian high jumper Danil Lysenko lost his status as a neutral athlete before the championships for an anti-doping rule violation after failing to provide his whereabouts information. Still another reminder of the biggest battle athletics faces.


Jakob Ingebrigtsen is too young to drive in Norway, but the 17-year-old became the youngest athlete to win the 1500m title on Friday night and then won the 5,000m gold on Saturday. It's a success that runs in the family: his 27-year-old brother, Henrik, won the European title in 1500m in 2012 before his brother Filip, 25, took the crown in 2016.


Belarusian marathon runner Volha Mazuronak suffered a large nosebleed shortly after the start of his career yesterday, leaving his face stained with blood. However, the race became even more hectic for her, with a navigational error in the final stages, but she could still contain the Frenchman Clemence Calvin to win the gold medal.

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