Asher Laub Combines Classical Music with Breakdancing in His Live Performances

If your career has you attending corporate events regularly, you may have noticed that many businesses like to play it safe when it comes to their choice of live entertainment. However, businesses sometimes take it upon themselves to hire an entertainer who’ll leave a real impression on their audience. And that’s when Asher Laub gets a chance to shine.

Asher Laub is a violinist who’s built a reputation for his ability to put together highly produced performances that combine different styles and music genres. He’s better known for his performances combining electronic mixes with beautiful violin music, which he performs live as he breakdances across the stage. This performance is often accompanied by four or more world-class breakdancers, which helps create an audiovisual spectacle that is as engaging as it is unique.

The man behind the show

Looking at Asher’s life history, it seems as if he was born to play the violin. He first started learning how to play the classical violin at age 2, and by age 13 he got his first big break by performing with the Buffalo philharmonic. He’s accrued plenty of additional experience since, performing across the United States and internationally, finding an audience in prestigious venues across 4 different continents. He’s also put his experience with audio editing and sound mixing to use working at countless clubs and stages across the country.

Asher gained a reputation for his expertise at trans-genre improvisation, which requires not only plenty of talent but also in-depth knowledge of the various musical styles he implements as part of his performance. His propensity to explore other genres is also reflected in his body of work — Asher has published songs that cover a variety of genres, including Classical, EDM, House, Dance, Jazz, Christian music, Jewish music, Bollywood-style songs, and more. Samples of his work — including complete songs and videos of his live performances — are all available on the artist’s official website.

Unique live performances

On top of working corporate events, Asher Laub is also available for weddings, fundraisers, private parties, product launches, and more. He works alongside his crew to put together unique shows that meet the specific needs of each event. Clients looking to hire him can even choose their custom songs for Asher to use during the performance. 

Asher and his dancing violinist team offer a variety of entertainment options. There are the aforementioned electric violinist performances, which are what Asher is best known for. But he also offers DJ violinist services, thematic performances, dance shows, and more. Each of the crew’s event entertainment options come with their own set of selling points.

The DJ violinist performance, for example, involves Asher working alongside a DJ to put together a show that combines quality DJ work with a live performance from his violin. This is a coordinated effort, with both artists working together to create a synchronized show. The crew also puts together smart lighting solutions that allow them to put together a light show in sync with the musical and dance performance.

More information on Asher, his services, and his crew can be found on the artist’s official website,