As Athena Strand is laid to rest, her mother reveals that she murdered the bright pink coffin of her seven-year-old daughter.

Athena Strand’s distraught mother revealed that her seven year-old daughter was killed by FedEx driver. The coffin was bright pink.

Maitlyn Gandy (26), said that her daughter, Athena was remembered at a private service on Friday with the coffin. However, she will be cremated because I am not ready to let go of my baby. 

The funeral for the little girl comes just one day after Tanner Lynn Horner (31), was accused of abducting, killing, and then executing the 7-year old girl in Texas.

Horner, according to an arrest warrant, told authorities that he strangled victim after accidentally hitting him with his van while delivering a package at her home. 

Horner said that Athena wasn’t hurt when he hit her while backing up. However, he panicked for fear that she would come forward and so he put her in his van. He He said she was talking to her and she told him her name.

According to the affidavit Horner attempted to silence Athena when she began to say that she was going tell her father all about the accident.

Athena, seven year old, was laid into a bright pink coffin on Friday at a private funeral. Maitlyn Gandy (26), said that her daughter Athena will be cremated.

Gandy wept one day before her daughter’s funeral, sharing her deep sadness and describing her little girl as part girly-girl and part tomboy. 

Gandy said, “I will never see her bright smiling or her eyes again.” I will never hear her say, ‘I love you mommy.’ I will never again be able to hold her while she sleeps or do her hair.

 She She shared with her daughter that Christmas was her favorite holiday and that she would love to be a part of it. First Christmas in seven years without her baby boy. 

 The package her daughter’s killer left behind was her daughter’s Christmas gift – ‘You could be anything’ Barbie’s.

Gandy stated that Athena was denied the chance to grow up to be whatever she wanted. Dallas Morning News reported.  ‘And this gift, ordered out of love and innocence, is one that she will never receive.

Horner is currently being held at the Wise County Law Enforcement Center, Texas on a $1.5million bail. Prosecutors are working to seek the death penalty. He Capital murder and aggravated kidnapping are the charges against him. 

The Package That Her Daughter'S Killer Dropped Off Was Her Daughter'S Christmas Present - 'You Can Be Anything' Barbie'S

The package her daughter’s murderer dropped off was her Christmas present, ‘You can’t be anything’ Barbie’s.

Maitlyn Gandy, 26, Said Her Late Daughter, Athena, Will Be Cremated And 'Come Home In An Urn Because I'M Not Anywhere Close To Letting My Baby Go'

Athena Strand, 7, Murdered By A Fedex Driver Was Laid To Rest In A Bright Pink Coffin At A Private Funeral Service That Was Held On Friday

 Maitlyn Gandy (26), said that her daughter Athena will be cremated.

Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, Told Investigators That Athena Strand Wasn'T Seriously Hurt After He Hit Her While Backing Up, But He Panicked And Put Her In His Van. He Said She Was Talking To Him And Told Him Her Name

Tanner Lynn Horner (31), told investigators that Athena Strand was not seriously injured after he hit her while backing away. However, he panicked and took her to his van. He He said that she was speaking to her and she told him her name.

Athena'S Mom Said Her Daughter, Athena Loved Barbie Dolls. This Image Was The Gift She Was Planning To Give Her For Christmas

Athena’s mom stated that Athena loved Barbie dolls. This image was the gift she intended to give Athena for Christmas.

According to Texas authorities Horner’s case will be turned over to district attorney next week.

The Wise County Sheriff’s Office will continue to investigate tips from the public in order to build a strong case against him.

‘Because of the age of the child, and because it was an abduction, we are going to pursue the death penalty,’ Sheriff Lane Atkin told WFAA.

Gandy’s attorneys and her family plan to conduct an investigation to determine if FedEx could have done more in order to prevent this tragedy. 

Benson Varghese would not go as far as to announce a lawsuit against the shipping company but asked community members to contact them with any information — even if they, too, had just received a package from Horner that day.

He stated that he wants a thorough investigation. He also told reporters that there are a few people with whom he would like to speak.

He He also stated that he agrees with the sheriff’s decision to seek death penalty.

Maitlyn Presley Gandy, Mother Of Late Athena Strand Embraces Other Kids During A Memorial Service At First Baptist Church Of Cottondale In Paradise, Texas, On Tuesday

Maitlyn Presley, mother of Athena Strand, embraces her children during a memorial service at First Baptist Church of Cottondale, Paradise, Texas on Tuesday

Gandy Vowed She Will Continue To Seek Justice For Her Daughter, Athena (Pictured)

Gandy has vowed to continue seeking justice for Athena (pictured), 

Gandy said she would continue to fight for justice and her daughter.

She stated, “I will spend my whole life fighting for her so that other families will not endure such unbearable grief and pain.”

‘A monster attempted to take Athena’s voice — but we are her voice,’ Gandy told reporters Thursday, adding: ‘Screening and hiring policies must be put into place so that monsters wearing delivery uniforms don’t show up on our children’s footsteps.’    

Gandy was on Friday The Today Show This is her first interview since the tragedy. She She said to “hug em close” and that she didn’t think the ending she got would be the same as any mother’s.

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