Artarmon: fire at waste facility on Sydney’s lower north shore

Dozens of firefighters have been called to a waste facility on the lower north shore after an “eight-alarm” fire engulfed a building in Artarmon.

Just after 3pm on Monday, more than 20 NSW Fire and Rescue trucks and 80 firefighters were called in to extinguish the fire at Lanceley Place.

Large piles of rubbish, including mattresses, fueled the flames on Sydney’s lower north shore.Credit:Fire and Rescue of New South Wales

All personnel reached a safe location outside the building before the fire broke out.

FRNSW crews managed to contain the fire in the warehouse and reduce the large plume of smoke billowing from the building, but urged people to avoid the area as firefighting operations continue overnight.

Two firefighters were assessed for heat exhaustion by NSW Ambulance Paramedics, one of whom was taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital for further treatment. The second firefighter was treated at the scene.

A thunderstorm passing through the area at the time of the incident forced a brief halt to air combat operations to ensure the safety of the aircrews.

Large piles of rubbish, including mattresses, fueled the flames, which FRNSW said became an “eight-alarm” fire.

The alarm system indicates the level of resources needed to deal with a fire, based on factors such as the size of the fire, the weather and other critical threats on the scene.

A fire in a residential house usually requires a second alarm, indicating the need for four pumps, a rapid bomb intervention team, an aircraft and a duty commander. A commercial fire is often classified as needing a third alarm, and warehouse fires are often classified as needing a fourth alarm or more.

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