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Arsenal star turned rapper? Puzzle surrounding masked musician


“Rapper at home footballer on the pitch⁣”: These are the words on the Instagram profile of the mysterious rapper DIDE, which was launched in early 2023. The musician, who always wears gloves in the posted pictures and videos and hides his face completely under a black mask decorated with silver roses, says he laces the football shoes in England’s top division. The island is puzzling at full speed as to who is behind the pseudonym.

On February 15, DIDE published a freestyle rap on Instagram for the first time, which is teeming with football references, followed on April 9 by the musician’s first song “Thrill”.

It is already becoming apparent that the football star hits a nerve musically. “Thrill” has already been viewed more than 280,000 times on YouTube in four days and the number of people following DIDE on social media is increasing every day.

However, the hype is certainly being boosted by the debate about the identity of the rapper. There is a lot of discussion in the comments on Instagram, and the users have already identified clear favourites. Above all, the names of Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace), Eddie Nketiah (Arsenal), Bukayo Saka (Arsenal), Noni Madueke (Chelsea) and Nelson Reiss (Arsenal) keep coming up.

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The speculation about the stars of Arsenal FC is also nourished by some other facts. On the one hand, the video for “Thrill” was obviously shot in London, on the other hand, the song contains statements like “My team keeps winning” and “Every game is like a final” – for many followers a reference to the Gunners, who are currently the Premier -Top the league table.

In addition, some resourceful fans suspect that DIDE could be a reference to Nketiah’s first name Eddie, and a reference to the attacker’s age (23) should also be found in the song.

If it really is a football star, he wouldn’t be the first of his kind to venture into the rap business. In recent years, Daniel Sturridge, Jese Rodriguez and Memphis Depay, among others, have made headlines with their music.

However, another suspicion persists: quite a few suspect that the professional footballer claim could simply be the trick of a marketing genius. It will be interesting to see when and if the truth will come out.

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