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Armed man wearing a devil mask is accosted outside a Tampa, Florida strip club


Police say a possible mass shooting was foiled Sunday night after security guards tackled a gunman outside a Tampa strip club.

Security footage from the incident shows the man, later identified as Michael Rudman, wearing a red and black mask approaching the entrance of the Mons Venus club while holding a flashlight. As he opens the door, a security guard, Manny Resto, spots the gun and grabs Rudman to prevent him from entering.

During the fight, a single shot was fired and hit the front door of the club.

Resto and Rudman can be seen fighting over the gun, which Rudman drops. Resto then runs around Rudman, grabs the gun and points it at the masked man. Rudman then lunges at Resto as more security guards enter the frame.

Rudman falls while trying to grab the gun and Resto hits him in the back of the head or neck. Resto and two other security guards appear to finally subdue Rudman.

More than 200 people were inside the club at the time, police said.

After police arrived on the scene, they found two additional fully loaded magazines in Rudman’s pocket. Additional ammunition, knives and gun holsters were found in his truck.

Rudman had “dark” and “kill” written on his arms, authorities said.

Police added that Rudman, 44, has a history of domestic violence and mental health issues. He was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and purchasing, possessing, or receiving a firearm while under a risk protection order.

“There is no question that the security guards who disarmed this suspect saved dozens of lives through their heroics, and I am grateful that our officers were able to stop this individual before he had a chance to carry out what he wanted. I had planned. said Acting Chief Lee Bercaw. “We will continue to actively and thoroughly investigate this case to better understand what led to this thwarted incident.”

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