Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema QUITS Democratic Party and registers as an independent

At 14 she began taking college courses, and she finished high school a year early at 16

Sinema was born in 1976 to a father who practiced law and a mother who cared for her children in Tuscon, Arizona.

The family’s fortunes changed and her father lost his job in the 1980s recession. Her parents divorced in 1983.

Her mother remarried and took Sinema and the two other children to Florida, and it was there that she lived in an abandoned gas station from the ages of eight to 11, according to AZCentral.

Sinema has spoken about her mother relying on food stamps when her parents got divorced and when her family was homeless. 

Things began looking up for her family in 1987 when her mother and stepfather secured work and they bought a house with the help of a church.

At 14 she began taking college courses, and she finished high school a year early at 16.

In two years she obtained a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University, and she also married fellow student, Blake Dain. They later divorced.

In 2005, she made her first public comment about being bisexual, when a Republican’s speech insulted members of the LGBT community.

She said: ‘We’re simply people like everyone else who want and deserve respect.’

When questioned by reporters, she replied: ‘Duh, I’m bisexual.’ 

Sinema, now 45, now has a master’s degree, law degree and a PhD. She worked as a social worker, a criminal defense attorney, and was a political activist in her 20s, running as an independent Green Party candidate for the Arizona House. 

Kyrsten Sinema Is Pictured Shaking Hands With Arizona State'S Kobe Williams During The Coin Toss Before An Ncaa College Football Game Against Utah, Saturday, In Tempe, Ariz. On November 3

She Is Seen Here At The Game

Success story: Kyrsten Sinema is pictured left shaking hands with Arizona State’s Kobe Williams during the coin toss before an NCAA college football game against Utah, Saturday, in Tempe, Ariz. on November 3, and right at the game

She then became a Democrat and served several terms in the state Legislature. Sinema started as an overt liberal but developed a reputation for compromise among her Republican peers, laying the groundwork to tack to the center. She published a book on bipartisanship.

When the 9th Congressional District was created after the 2010 Census, Sinema ran for the Phoenix-area seat as a centrist and won the 2012 election. 

In 2019 she became Arizona’s first Democratic U.S. senator since 1994, the country’s first openly bisexual senator, and the first female senator elected to represent Arizona in the Senate.

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