Arizona Election Audit Report Confirms Biden’s Win by 360 Additional Votes After Six-Month $6 Million Trial

BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Election Audit Report Confirms Biden’s Win, Extends His Lead by 360 Votes After 6-Month Trial That Cost $6MILLION

  • A Republican-commissioned survey of more than 2 million ballots cast in Arizona last year confirmed the veracity of Biden’s victory in Maricopa County
  • Private contractors have completed the recount and the findings and final release will be released Friday
  • The audit confirmed that Biden had 360 votes more than the original count and that there are “no substantial differences”

A Republican-mandated six-month $6 million review of more than 2 million 2020 ballots in Arizona confirmed Biden’s victory in Maricopa County, halting Trump’s fraud claims.

Private contractors have prepared the draft report, obtained by the Washington Post, confirming President Joe Biden’s victory in Maricopa County, Arizona. The final version will be released on Friday.

After nearly six months and $6 million spent — the majority handed out by those who rejected the Liberal’s victory — the draft concluded that more than 45,000 votes had been cast for Biden than for Trump in the province.

The finding gave Biden 360 more votes than the certified results.

The draft report showed that the count showed ‘no substantial differences’ from the certified count.

Arizona’s election audit found “no substantial differences” after the draft report yielded 360 more votes for Biden. The final report will be released on Friday

The report shuts down Trump’s unsubstantiated fraud claims, which alleged that the tabulating machines miscounted or hacked paper ballots in several states.

Randy Pullen, a spokesperson for the ballot review, said the draft was “close to” the final report, but told the Washington Post there will be “updates in the final report.”

Was there massive fraud or something? it doesn’t look like it,” he told an NPR affiliate in Phoenix.

The vote review began in April over objections from the Republican-led county leadership.

Republican Senate president Karen Fann led the campaign, publicly stating that the goal was not to revisit Biden’s victory, but to look for ways to improve the state’s electoral laws.

Lawmakers have subpoenaed copies of Maricopa County ballots and voting machines, which were handed over to private contractors, according to the Washington Post.

In May, all seven of Maricopa’s elected officials, including five Republicans, called the review a “scam” and demanded that the Senate end the review.

“Our democracy is in danger,” they wrote in a letter to Fann.

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors chairman Jack Sellers said in a statement that the findings mean that “the tabulation equipment counted the ballots as designed, and the results reflect the will of voters.” That should be the end of the story. Everything else is just noise.’

Trump allies are already downplaying the draft report, saying it is “only a partial report.”

Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas all recently agreed to revise their own 2020 elections after responding to pressure from Trump.