Are You Entitled to Flexible Working Arrangements?

As the world becomes increasingly digital and companies start to recover from the global pandemic, there is an increasing interest in working from home or adopting flexible working. This can be beneficial to the employer as well as the employee. But, you need to know if you are entitled to flexible working arrangements.

It should be noted that there is never any harm in asking. If you are entitled they will consider it and give you an answer with a genuine reason if it’s a no. Even if you’re not entitled, at least you will know or they may surprise you and say yes.

But, one thing is certain, whether they say yes or no, you can’t be dismissed for asking. If this asks then see a specialist unfair dismissal lawyer straight away.

What Is Flexible Working

Flexible working simply means you will no longer do the standard hours. You will still do the same number of hours and perform the same job. But, you will be available for work at different times, this allows you to accommodate your family life better.

Alternatively, you can propose a job share or even a change to your hours and this will also be classed as flexible working arrangements. 

Who Is Entitled To Ask For Flexible Working?

If you have worked for your employer for at least 12 months you can request flexible working, providing you also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Are a parent or legal guardian of a child
  • Have a registered disability
  • Are over 55
  • Have experienced domestic violence
  • Are a carer
  • Give support to a family member needing care due to domestic violence

It doesn’t matter whether you are a permanent employee or a casual one, you will be able to ask for flexible working arrangements.

The Correct Application Procedure

If you are ready to apply for flexible working arrangements then you need to do it properly. 

All requests must be put in writing. You will need to identify yourself, the requests you would like to make to your working arrangements, and why you feel the flexible working arrangement is necessary.

The Employer Side

An employer must then have a meeting with the employee. During the meeting the two parties will need to discuss the consequences of changing working arrangements and whether this is something the business can cope with. If it isn’t then alternatives can be discussed and hopefully, an agreement will be reached that keeps everyone happy. 

In all regards, the employer must furnish the employee with a written response within 21 days of the employee’s request. It will give a yes or no and the reasons why.

It is important to note that the reasons must be considered reasonable business grounds. If they are not then the employee can speak to an employment lawyer and take further action to rectify the issue. 

Of course, this can complicate matters but it is a legal right and you should be able to request it and get a reasonable response.