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Are we headed for an audio revolution? World’s first solid-state speakers introduced – WhatsNew2Day


In the future, it could fundamentally change the technology in your ears.

SSDs have greatly changed the world of computer storage. Because the solid state drives offer a larger capacity at a lower price. In addition, they are significantly smaller!

But what you need to know first: Solid-state technology has also revolutionized the market for condenser microphones. This is because it enables smaller devices that can be more easily integrated into other circuits. They should simply be better and cheaper.

A world first

The company xMEMS Labs now has introduced the world’s first solid-state loudspeakers. These tiny devices are designed to replace the coils and magnets that have been used to drive speakers since speaker technology was invented over a hundred years ago.

What are MEMS? Microelectromechanical systems use piezo technology to convert electrical impulses into mechanical movements.

Previously, this technology was used to improve inkjet printing and allow for a finer spray jet. These systems can now produce sound.

According to xMEMS, three micro-speakers of this type have emerged:

  • The Cowell is the smallest and therefore the most versatile
  • The Montara Plus is said to have tremendous power output
  • The Skyline Dynamic Vent reportedly features vents that should allow for improved adaptive noise cancellation.

The different characteristics of the xMEMS micro-speakers.  (Image: (xMEMS)

The different characteristics of the xMEMS micro-speakers. (Image: (xMEMS)

And how do they sound?

There are still no official products with the technology, though Jeremy Kaplan from Techradar US already had the opportunity to look at and, most importantly, listen to a prototype!

Like many people, he usually finds the sound of earphones to be mediocre, but these seem to have won him over:

“The prototypes look like crude versions of earbuds. (…) but they sound absolutely incredible.(…) they capture the depth and breadth of the music that I miss in most audio streams.«

The speakers are said to be 40 percent smaller and 90 percent lighter than conventional speakers. And since they have no moving parts, they’re also said to be much more durable.

When can you listen? That will probably take a while. xMEMS says that the first deliveries are just being delivered. So the first products could be on the shelves at Christmas time.

How much is it? According to Techradar US, we can expect products that cost under $200. For high audio quality, that would be comparatively affordable.

What do you think of the audio technology that’s about to make it from the hard drive to our ears? Do you like listening to music with smaller headphones? How do you like the audio quality? How much would you pay to listen to music with high audio quality on the go? Write it to us in the comments!

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