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Are the 49ers giving up quarterback Trey Lance?


When Trey Lance broke his ankle against the Seattle Seahawks on September 18, 2022, the NFL season was over for him in week two. But could this injury even cost him his future with the San Francisco 49ers? Several teams are said to have at least inquired about a possible quarterback trade.

At least that’s what NFL insider Ian Rapoport reports. “The 49ers have received inquiries from several teams about a possible trade for the former number three pick,” said the expert.

The California franchise received the calls themselves and was not proactive, but the inquiries came primarily against the background that the 49ers want to make Brock Purdy their starter in the new season.

That, according to Rapoport, is something you basically hear from every official and coach of the 49ers. “Teams are seeing the signs,” Rapoport says of the resulting interest in Lance.

Brock Purdy fit for the start of the NFL season?

However, Rapoport does not believe that a decision on Trey Lance’s personality is imminent. The reason for this is that the 49ers cannot be “100,000 percent certain that Brock Purdy will be completely healthy for the new season,” according to the NFL insider.

Purdy had become a surprise preseason hero, taking over midseason from also injured Lance representative Jimmy Garoppolo and leading the team into the NFC Championship Game. There, however, he injured his elbow early on and had to undergo surgery in March.

It was actually assumed that Purdy would definitely be fit again by the coming season, but the quarterback himself curbed the euphoria recently in an interview with Jori Epstein from “Yahoo Sports”.

When asked if he could play next season, Purdy replied: “I’m really not sure, to be honest. I think I’ll just have to take it day by day, get healthy, start throwing again and then we’ll see “.

Statements that will not encourage the 49ers at first and should slow down a possible trade by Trey Lance for the time being.

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