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Are protein bars good for health?

In the past Protein bars were only used by mega-muscular guys who regularly visited the gym. But nowadays they have become a commercial product used by all and sundry. Moreover, with more and more people becoming health conscious and fitness maniac, protein bars have found their way in every household. The public has started using them to up their protein intake. That is why they have gradually become a staple for many millennials. From the bottom-of-the-purse abyss to jeans pockets and gym bags, you will discover them everywhere. Due to the fast-paced world and Protein Bars being a quick, easy and nutritious snack, their demand has highly increased. But the real question is whether they hold nutritious value or not! Are they worth the hype is the topic of hot debate worldwide!

That is why we have carried out thorough research and consulted top experts to uncover the real nutrient value of these protein bars. Yes, there has been a boom in the sale of these protein supplements. 

This industry is expected to reach $48.77 billion by 2025 with 7.5% growth every year! But is this growth justified will be discussed in this article:

Let us begin to dissect the health benefits of this small bar which has caused a major upturn thorough out the globe:

1. Its Protein

Many people believe that if its protein, it has to be healthy. Health professionals also think alike because normally protein doesn’t have any negative consequences. It is no doubt protein is good for health. It is an essential macronutrient as per many dietitians and nutritionists. So theoretically protein bars should be good as protein is critical for health. Not only does it help in building lean muscle mass, but it also enhances the metabolic rate. It also has positive effects on hormonal health and satiety levels. It is proven by a review done by Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism in 2015 which suggests that consuming 25 and 35 grams of protein daily can improve body composition. Thus in this regard, if proteins bar are taken in this ratio it is very beneficial. But the key here is optimism. There has to be a benchmark because nothing taken in extreme is good.

So protein bars will only be beneficial if taken up to the ideal threshold. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has further persisted on the advantages of balanced consumption only. This amount will depend upon many factors like your body fat to muscle ratio, your weight, and calorie intake as well as activity level. So it is best to determine the right amount by consulting an expert.

2. Something is Better than Nothing

Many people including contemporary health professional support protein bars because it provides relatively hassle-free nutrients. As something is better than nothing, people side with it because they don’t have time whip up tons of protein-packed meals. So instead of forgoing protein completely, it is suggested to take them in the form of these bars. With our busy lifestyles, it seems like a perfect solution. Instead of becoming deficient these up the levels of protein in the right amounts. So for busy grab-and-go generation, they are ideal to ensure that protein intake stays on-point. But hidden between the pros is a disadvantage of nibbling on too many. Instead of eating some, people become dependent on them. Thus they are only good for health if taken in dire consequences where no other natural protein source is present. Remember they are processed and also contain fatty elements so don’t prefer them daily!

3. They are Quick Boxosters

As these protein bars come in small sizes they are perfect to carry out and nibble whenever energy feels low! This makes them perfect for health as it becomes a source of light snacks which is advised by many dieticians. It is way better than gobbling up candies and chip which have zero nutrition value. They might not be completely good but are at least more nourishing than its substitutes. The convenience factor also leads to another health benefit of providing quick energy when time is short. This is helpful for people with a very active lifestyle. They hold many benefits especially for gym-goers and that is why it is renowned amongst bodybuilders. They act as boosters both pre-workout and post-workout. So if people are burning the energy they are gaining from these jam-packed bars, then they are on the right track. But if you are a lazy ass munching on these bars like candies then instead of boosting energy they will lead to a boost in obesity!

4. Weight Loss

It might seem shocking but on one hand, they make you gain weight while on the other the very same protein bar can lead to weight loss. As there is no question that protein is essential for a healthy diet, it is also proved that focusing only on it can also reduce weight. Diets like keto heavily rely on proteins, so these bars can be very conducive there. Additionally, these bars also make you feel fuller so they can control hunger surges. They can curb cravings and help promote healthier lifestyles in those battling obesity. But the rule is the same here. Watch out for the total calorie intake and burn them as well. Don’t overdo it or you will gain pounds instead of shedding them.

5. Physical Wellbeing

Apart from protein benefits, these bars also have other health pros as well. Research conducted by the journal of the American Heart Association proves that these bars are very beneficial for blood pressure and circulation. They help muscles to recover especially after workouts. Not only that, but they also contribute to overall nutrimental intake thus fueling our body and aid in satiety. Thus they are beneficial for overall physical wellbeing as well.  

6. Complete Package

Moreover, as these bars contain other nutrients like necessary carbs, fat, and fiber; they help to keep the proportion in the body. This keeps our digestive system on track. Additionally, all these other mineral work in tandem with protein content to surge the availability of amino acid for muscles. This strengthens the muscles and keeps energy levels up all day. So protein bars act as a comprehensive bundle that provides power to last throughout our busy routines. Without them, people will indeed famish or turn towards unhealthier snacking. Thus this optimal blend of carbs, fat, and protein becomes vital for those who wish to keep up with the pace of life in a healthy manner!


So the verdict is that if you are mindful of what in your bar and the quantity you are taking then you don’t need to be concerned. After all, with all your day-long chores you will be able to burn it off. So the key is to check the nutrient value and eat it according to your body’s need. You will hit the healthy spot if you eat high-quality bars and that too in the right quantity.