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Are PlayStation studios facing a glitch that prevents them from revealing their projects.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Before the latest PlayStation event began, there were expectations that the titles of the first party would overwhelm it, especially with the long absence of the event, as well as the PlayStation studios, which we know are working on several projects, but the surprise was shocking after the appearance of any of them in this big event.

Sony was content to focus on third-party studios and independent studios mainly to complete the event, with the exception of the appearance of Spider Man 2, which Sony deliberately placed at the end of the event in order to reduce the negative impression that the audience would have at the time.

But what is the secret behind the disappearance of first-party games, and are PlayStation studios facing internal problems that prevented them from showing their titles in the first and most important event that bears the name of their platform?

There are events that preceded and followed the PlayStation event that may raise suspicion and suspicion about what is happening behind the scenes within the PlayStation section, and in order to draw appropriate attention to them, let us put them in a sequential manner and take a look at them.

The beginning with the Media Molecule studio, the developer of the distinctive building game Dreams, where it suddenly announced the complete suspension of support for its game, although it is still an important element among the long-term PlayStation titles.

Until this moment, we do not know what is the fate of the Media Molecule studio, which is still silent and has not revealed its next project, despite announcing the suspension of support for its current game.

Sony suddenly learned of the closure of the PixelOpus studio, which was working on an exclusive game project on the PlayStation 5. While most of those working in the studio were laid off, we do not know what the fate of the title they were working on was. And whether it was transferred to another studio or was canceled, and this is likely.

PixelOpus cierra sus puertas - Alerta Geek

This was followed by the acceleration of a large number of developers in the Deviation Games studio, which works closely with PlayStation, on a new exclusive title that has not yet been revealed. This was followed by reports of the cancellation of the large project that this studio was working on.

After that, Naughty Dog announced the postponement of The Last of Us multiplayer game that it had been working on for several years before even revealing its release date. The game seems to be facing some difficulties, which prompted the developer to postpone its disclosure.

The Last of Us Multiplayer

However, this was followed by confirmation from several sources that Sony had reduced the number of workers on the game for reasons not yet disclosed. Without clarification about the fate of the game, which has not appeared directly since it was announced that it was under development more than two years ago.

Before that, Sony expelled a large number of people from the Visual Arts studio of the PlayStation and restructured the studio again without announcing any project, despite the emergence of some rumors that the studio is working on a large AAA game project that was never revealed and its fate.

Most of these studios or their projects with some hurdles are intended as live service games. While some reports said that the Bungie studio, which was set up by Sony to supervise and monitor the development of these studios and live service game projects, imposes strict conditions on these studios.

It remains for us to monitor the matter during the coming period to see what things will lead to and whether there is really something going on inside PlayStation studios. Is Sony working to change its well-known focus on narrative titles and deviate to another different path by expanding in the field of long-term live service games?

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