Are Influencer Promoted Products Worth the Hype?

You’ve probably spent some time watching influencers in unboxing videos of their favorite products. However, it can be difficult to know if their positive reaction to the products is actually sincere. Everyone knows that influencers are sponsored — that’s how they make their money and sustain their exciting lifestyles. Even your favorite influencer can’t be telling the truth 100% of the time. They’re literally paid to hype up specific products, so how can you possibly know what’s worth spending your hard-earned money on? Skip the videos. Here are some products that are actually worth paying for and tips for finding more great new gear.

Fake Lash Alternative

Everyone is tired of gluing lashes to their faces every time they want to wear a look that really makes a statement. Some people just aren’t naturally born with full lashes, which results in them sporting fakes lashes every day. Studies have found that some glue has been proven to be toxic. These glues can cause serious irritation and have long-term negative effects. People want better, easier to use, less toxic lashes.

A strongly proposed alternative in the industry is magnetic eye lashes. In the first iteration of magnetic lashes, you had a top and bottom set of lashes that would attract and stick together to form a fuller look. Those were problematic, because the magnets would attract too far from your lid causing gaps. Not only that, but the magnetic strips were kind of obvious. This was problematic if you were going for a seamless look.

Now, magnetic lashes have gotten a serious upgrade. All you do is put a magnetic liner on — like you would any other eyeliner — and the lashes easily attach to the magnetic liner. Easy. When picking a brand, do your research to make sure that the set you go with has a strong magnetic hold so that your lashes will last all day. Some magnetic lashes are totally worth the hype, but you have to find the right brand.

Holistic Products


Makeup makes you feel great on the outside, now it’s time to turn inwards. There’s a lot of information about the supplement market, so how to make sense of it all? Supplements help support your body’s natural function. In other words, they’re used to help things run a little smoother. For example, a milk thistle supplement is understood to help and protect your liver by providing it with antioxidants. However, not all supplements are made with real science to back up their use.

If you feel like your liver could use a tune-up, Dr. Danielle can help you. Dr. Danielle’s an expert who creates great natural products to boost your health. She’s a licensed physician, naturopath, and biochemist focused on providing you with organic and all-natural solutions to your health concerns. She cares so much about what goes into her supplements that she personally sources and approves every raw ingredient. By adding Dr. Danielle to your team, you’re sure to be feeling like the best version of yourself in no time.


When do you ever trust the opinion of just one person? Thankfully, with the invention of the Internet, you can actually be a smart consumer. You don’t have to stop watching influencer reviews. In fact, watching influencer reviews is a great way to learn about products that are new and exciting. You just have to be able to tell when these lifestyle gurus are lying for a paycheck.


Take the time to really do your own research. Read as many reviews as you can — both good and bad. Go to places like Reddit to get more opinions if people seem divided in the reviews or if the reviews are all positive. Ultimately you get to decide for yourself what you want to try, so use your money wisely.