Are Code Locks The Safest Option For Holiday Resorts And Hospitality Settings?


If you are planning to go out for a vacation and spend some quality time with your family, security sure is one of your biggest concerns. Such concerns are completely justified because you don’t know the place well, you don’t know the kind of people who live around and you don’t know if the resort or hospitality setting you chose is completely safe or not.

Yes, there are several measures to make sure that you are staying at a safe and secure hotel but one of the most important things to consider are the locks they use on their doors. As locks are the first line of defense, they can make a huge difference in giving you some peace of mind regarding your security. 

Are Code Locks Safe Enough For Hotels And Holiday Resorts?

Gone are the days when people used the traditional key locks. In fact, now when it comes to choosing locks for your home, office or holiday resorts, you might never run short of options. There are several high-tech locks available in the market and if we talk about hotels and hospitality settings, most of them have shifted to code locks. Now the question here is that are these locks strong and safe enough for people to enjoy their vacation in a carefree way? Well, let’s find out! 

Code locks are also known as electronic door locks where you are given a secret pin code number. Once you enter that pin code, you’ll be able to enter your room without any hassle.  Here are some facts about electronic keypad locks that might convince you that they indeed are the safest and the most convenient option for holiday resorts:

1-You Can’t Get Locked Out 

There are no keys required for code locks which means that you won’t ever have to worry about getting locked out of your room until you don’t forget your code. In other words, you won’t be feeling scared standing outside your hotel room during midnight worrying about being locked out. This also reduces the chances of some stalker trying to attack you when you are vulnerable. 

2-These Locks Are Strong And Can’t Be Easily Broken 

These modern, electronic locks might not appear strong enough as traditional locks at first but believe it or not, they are. In fact, some of the code locks have this alarm feature in them that alerts the entire building if someone forcibly tries to enter the room or tries damaging the lock, trying to break it. 

3-No One Can Enter Your Room If They Don’t Know The Pin Code 

Whether it’s a hotel resort or some hospitality setting, the rule remains the same that no one can enter your room until they know the secret pin code. When you arrive at a hotel and get a room, you are given a pin code or you are given the option of choosing your own secret pin code for your own peace of mind. Now until you don’t share this code with someone else, there’s no way they can enter your room. 

4-Customizable Access 

Let’s say you have more than one person staying at the resort with you or that you are going out on a holiday with your entire family. You can always set different passcodes for each one of your family members because these code locks come with customizable access. In other words, you can tighten up your resort’s security even more by setting different passcodes and restricting the access to the rooms.

These are just a few things that you need to know about code locks before hiring a locksmith in Brooklyn and by now you probably do understand why these electronic keypad locks are the safest option. Not just for resorts and hotels, these locks are even recommended for your offices and homes because they are safer, stronger and more advanced to give you the kind of security you want.