Ardern urged Kiwis that were locked out by pandemic to vote against him

New Zealand’s opposition is embarking on a world tour to rally the support of expatriate Kiwis who were banned from their country as a result of Jacinda Ardern’s tough pandemic restrictions aimed at eliminating all cases of the virus.

Prime Minister Ardern will face voters next year and the most recent Kantar poll, conducted in August for 1News, shows the National Party leading Labor by four points. The opposition, led by Christopher Luxon, has outperformed the government since March.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s zero-COVID policies and quarantine system kept many expatriate Kiwis out of the country during the pandemic.Credit:access point

Luxon, recently interviewed in London, told this headline that New Zealanders were owed an apology for the way citizens who were abroad at the time COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan, China and spread throughout the world, they were locked out of the country, through the system of limited hotel quarantine places.

Now his frontbench team is stepping up its efforts to win over those voters with a barrage of cities abroad that are home to large kiwi populations, starting with Sydney on Monday.

Three opposition leaders arrived in Sydney on Sunday evening to meet the Liberal-led New South Wales government, as well as the heads of New South Wales Infrastructure and the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation. as part of efforts to push new infrastructure through the ditch, and will address Kiwis living in Australia at the Liberal Party headquarters in Sydney on Monday night.


Chris Bishop, leader of the opposition and chairman of the 2023 election campaign of the New Zealand National Party, said The Sydney Morning Herald Y Age that it would be an uphill battle as voters abroad traditionally favored left-wing parties.

“Our goal for 2023 is to change that,” he said.

But he said the treatment of overseas voters during the pandemic, when Ardern turned New Zealand into a “fortress”, should make those affected think twice.

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