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Arden Cho to Star as Celebrity Matchmaker in Audio Rom-Com Series (Exclusive)


Arden Cho embraces life’s imperfections with her latest performance.

The teenage wolf alum has landed starring roles in audio-rom-com series Imperfect matchwill be launched on May 2. The project comes from entertainment company Meet Cute, which focuses on scripted romantic comedies in audio format.

Imperfect match revolves around Violet Kang (Cho), a famous matchmaker who has been given the formidable assignment of finding a partner for playboy billionaire Dante Gargano, who runs the leading dating app Cache-You. When Dante works out the analyzes and realizes his own ideal match is nowhere to be found on his app, he enlists Violet’s help and presents her with the daunting challenge of setting up the impossibly cynical bachelor.

“I had so much fun making this audio rom-com, especially with a script as clever as this,” Cho said of the series, describing Meet Cute as You’ve got mail crossed with Emily in Paris. “Meet Cute is doing some really cutting edge things with their content, taking current things like the burgeoning world of matchmaking and incorporating it into their stories. The whole process was great.”

Written and directed by Liz Fields, Imperfect match stars Heather Matarazzo, Concetta Tomei, Jake Ryan Lozano, Tommy Kang, Mallory Low, Andrew Heder, Valerie Schrementi, and Katie Flamman.

“We’re such big fans of Arden’s, and she embodies Violet perfectly,” said Meet Cute founder and CEO Naomi Shah. “We hope this series sparks social conversations about new trends in modern dating.”

Imperfect match is the latest six-episode series of Meet Cute, launching a new project every month. Past series have involved creatives such as Amy Sedaris, Julianne Hough, Charithra Chandran (Bridgerton), Noah Galvin (The good doctor), singer Ellie Goulding and Liars author Sarah Shepard.

Cho is known for starring in last year’s Netflix series Partner track and for playing Kira on MTVs teenage wolf. She will appear in Netflix’s upcoming live-action series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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