Apps That Every HVAC Technician Should Have on The Job

New technology gives HVAC Techs the tools and helpful information to make things easier.

As a heating and air technician, you may have many jobs to fit into your daily schedule. The number of calls increases by the day, especially when temperatures rise or fall. You respond to those calls and get the work done in the shortest time to keep your clients happy. It will also bring you more calls for more work to complete in a day. You can soon find yourself overwhelmed.

Working in the business can be demanding. And if you are fresh out of training you may feel pressured to remember some of the things you have learned. But you have the help of technology with apps to help you do the work. With the aid of these apps, you can get the task done faster. Also, you improve your productivity and avoid a backlog of jobs.

Technology gives you the tools and helpful information to make things easier. With a smartphone or a tablet, you have access to helpful apps. They will aid you to diagnose problems and get the right solutions. Let us look at some of the best apps in the industry.

  1. Bluon HVAC App

Bluon supports the heating and cooling industry and its hard working technicians. The App has a searchable database of thousands of systems and keeps growing. This app has system information and original unit manuals. It also has easy to follow instructions that show you what to do. You have guides and videos, tools like PT charts, and pressure setpoint converters. superheat and sub-cool calculators and airflow diagnostics to name a few.

With this app, you have manuals, diagrams, and other needed guidance. They help you to repair or maintain any system or unit. The Bluon HVAC app has more than 50,000 original manuals. They include residential as well as commercial systems. There are new equipment, common brands, and rare and out-of-business manufacturers. All these are available to you in this mobile app that is easy to use for iOS and Android devices.

This app gives you 95 percent of the important technical information immediately. All that you need to maintain, repair, or retrofit a unit. You also have in this app the optional and standard control on the unit. It also has calculators for heat and cold, pressure, and for diagnosing issues. There is also a library of Best Practices with guides and videos for common practices. You also have instructions on how you can make retrofit adjustments. So, you save time on the job.

With all the features mentioned this app gives technical support to all its users. You can call from the app and get one of their experienced industry professionals. That expert will take you through any problem or question you may have. There are many features and support available on this app. It is one that every heating and cooling professional should have on the job.

  1. HVAC Buddy

The Buddy app is available for both Android and iOS devices. This is an app you will use when dealing with refrigerants for the first time. As an experienced worker in the industry, you would find this app to be of little use for you. This is an app that shows you things that you already know from doing them on a regular basis.

As a new technician, you use your pressure gauge for finding the pressure. You can enter the reading into the Buddy app as well as the temperature. The app will calculate Superheat or Subcooling Target. This app calculates the difference between the actual temperature and the target. This will help you to diagnose if the unit is leaking or overcharged. As an HVAC technician, you will use this data to guide you. You will know when you need to add more refrigerant or to remove some.

A favorite feature of this app is that its use also gives you an easy way to send a customized report. One to each of your clients after you have completed the job. The Buddy app is available for iOS on iTunes or Google Play for Android devices.

  1. Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist

The Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist app is a free reference app. It is an app to make Carrier the go-to brand. It allows connection with the Carrier Enterprise distributors. With it, you can find available Carrier products, equipment models, and Materials.

As a technician on the job site, you can look at spec sheets and wiring diagrams. They are available in the Carrier Document Library. It may be that your client is uncertain that a Carrier unit is still covered by warranty. As a technical person, you can search for the unit’s serial number. You can see the service history and warranty status of the unit. This app also has a PT calculator. It calculates the pressure of the refrigerant for each temperature. Or the temperature for a pressure reading.

The Carrier Enterprise app is helpful for anyone in the field. Whether they sell, install, or service Carrier products. As the technician, you will be able to quote real-time prices for prompt and accurate quotes. This app notifies you about special offers and Carrier’s promotions. That is besides getting Carrier Enterprise store locations, telephone numbers, and opening hours.

You also have a flashlight feature at your disposal. You can use it in dark attics, basements, and crawl spaces. This app is one of the most helpful to the HVAC person. It gives access to wiring diagrams needed in most cases to find the problem.

It is available for iOS on iTunes or on Google Play for Android devices.

  1. Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool by Joist

This Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool by Joist is a great free app. Anyone working in the industry will find it useful. As a multi-function app, it helps you to estimate and give a quote while at the prospective job site. This app helps you to prepare your quotes and invoices in a professional way.

You can save your labor charges for future use. Also, save often used materials and other fees for installation and repair. With this app, you also have the means to send your quote or invoice from it. You will save time, paperwork, and hours in the office after. It is compatible with accounting programs. So, you can track payments and bills with ease.

Also, use the cloud for storage, so your data is accessible from anywhere on any device. Devices you can use are a tablet, an iPad, or a phone. Enter your information and customize your invoice while still on the job site.

You also can add photos to your quotes. Take photos of dirty filters you must change. And any other problem areas to show the client along with the solution. You can have before and after photos for proof of your work quality. Add a portable printer, and have the option to print your quote or invoice while in the field.

This tool for iOS is available on iTunes or on Google Play for Android devices.

In Conclusion

As an HVAC technician, you have many apps available to make your work easier and more efficient. The apps provide specs information and wiring diagrams. These can be most useful in your everyday duties. They give estimates and invoices that are helpful to business owners in the industry. New workers will need refrigerant calculator apps. But experienced technicians may not need them on the job. They can help to work with unfamiliar refrigerants.