<pre><pre>Apple's older iPad Pro is just as cheap as the new iPad Air and better in a few ways

The 2017 iPad Pro (64 GB, WiFi) is currently $ 474 at Walmart, and why you might consider buying an older iPad instead of one of the newer models, there are a few reasons. The 2018 iPad Air is practically a copy of this model and has most of its best features, such as the True Tone technology that adjusts the color temperature of the screen based on the ambient light in the room, and it has a Smart Connector for it Smart Keyboard from Apple.


The Air is equipped with a newer processor and will probably be the fastest of the two after a few years, but actually has less RAM than the Pro (2 GB versus 4 GB), so the older iPad is better suited for multitasking . The Air has only two speakers compared to the four found on the old iPad Pro, so the Pro is much better if you constantly watch Netflix or Prime Video on your iPad. It also has Apple's ProMotion technology for smooth scrolling up to 120Hz and some games benefit from the faster frame rate.

Whether you buy the Air (what is $ 40 off the usual price at Amazon) or the older Pro, the Smart Keyboard from Apple works for both, and it's $ 79.50. It is usually $ 159, and has been around this price for a while, but it is still worth knowing.

The new V11 cordless vacuum cleaners from Dyson are cheaper than ever before. The V11 Torque Drive usually costs $ 699, though it is currently $ 569 at Amazon. This model features an LCD screen that sounds ridiculous but useful according to our hands-on cleaning sessions. It gives an idea of ​​how much battery you have left and lets you switch between energy levels.

If you don't have that much budget for a vacuum, the V11 Animal from Dyson is just as powerful, but it lacks the LCD screen. It is $ 489 instead of the usual price of $ 599 at Amazon.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2 releases tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch. If you haven't bought it yet, you can save some money on it as well as a future game purchase. Nintendo is selling a two-pack game vouchers for $ 99.99 that you can use to purchase any two fully-priced ($ 59.99) game within one year of purchase.

This benefit is only available to people who subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online, at any cost $ 20 for a year of service (unless you have Amazon Prime – it is currently a free perk if you do this). Since these vouchers save you $ 20, the online service pays for itself practically.