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Apple’s iPhone repair program for independent stores is expanding to Europe and Canada

Apple’s Independent Repair Provider Program, which allows companies to purchase genuine Apple parts to perform iPhone repairs without becoming a full Apple Authorized Service Provide (AASP), is expanding to Canada and 32 countries across Europe, the company announced . The program was launched in the US last year, and Apple says that since then, 140 companies with a total of 700 locations have signed up.

The program is important because it gives independent stores access to certified Apple parts at the same cost as AASPs, without having to agree to the stricter requirements of that program, according to I fix it. Genuine parts, according to Apple, provide “safety and quality”, but in some cases its products are not shy to warn users when non-original models are used for repairs. The program also gives shops access to resources such as Apple’s library of training courses and repair guides.

Participation in the program is free, but Apple says that companies will need an Apple-certified technician to make the repairs. A complete list of requirements for companies is available here, including requiring them to have a commercial walk-in location, and agreeing to keep Apple’s tools, training, service guides, and diagnostics confidential.

Although less stringent than the AASP agreements, the requirements of the Independent Repair Provide Program have received their share of criticism. A reporting from Vice criticized the contract that Apple is asking the stores to sign, and a source saying it I fix it has expressed other concerns about the program, including the fact that it limits who can buy from.

In addition to the independent repair program, Apple also says it will continue to expand its program for authorized service providers. According to Apple, there are currently 5,000 AASPs worldwide, and last year it tripled the number of available locations in the US compared to three years ago when Best Buy joined the program.