<pre><pre>Apple's big week: Jony Ive is gone, public beta's are in

What a current show we had this week The Vergecast. I'm going to be honest, there is a little more editing here than usual.


Initially we started the episode with some overviews of the public beta software for Apple & # 39; s iPadOS, iOS 13and macOS Catalina. The edge& # 39; s Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn and Paul Miller discussed what is different with the updates and how the iPad feels now compared to using an iPhone. My favorite part is when Dieter asks what it means to be an iPhone.

But halfway through the show, Apple released a press release announcing that Jony Ive, Apple's chief design officer and one of the most influential people in Apple's history, will leave the company later this year to start his own design agency.

It's great to have the crew respond organically to tape here (watch the cold open), but I don't think we could have done the show without starting this breaking news in the technical world, so we went back and started about.

We also didn't want to lose all that great video about this beta, so we kept track of all that stuff and just added it later in the show. So this let me know that we recorded the software chat before we knew that Jony Ive left Apple. The timeline has been moved everywhere, but it is fine. You will get it.

Then it's back to the original timeline ("where actions have real consequences," says Paul Miller), and we have our usual updates on Foxconn & # 39; s factory in Wisconsin (happy birthday!), The weekly segment of Paul "The sweetest pis, "And an analysis by Bill Gates saying that Microsoft's loss to Android is his" biggest mistake. "

I'm sure a lot more happened during this episode that I don't remember (another revelation, I watched the democratic debate while editing), so I guess you'll have to hear everything to stay informed. .


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