Apple's 5G iPhones are said to be powered by the first 5-nanometer chips

Three of Apple's phones are coming out next year with 5G connectivity with Qualcomm & # 39; s X55 5G modem, Nikkei reports. Reportedly, this modem will be paired with a new Apple chipset – probably called the A14 Bionic – which is the first in the company to be built with a 5 nanometer process.


This is not the first time we hear rumors that Apple is planning to release its first 5G phones in 2020, and it's not the first time we've heard three. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo made a similar forecast in July. What's new are the reports of the exact Qualcomm modem that Apple plans to use after the two companies resolved their ongoing legal dispute in April. In the longer term, Apple is thought to be working on its own internal modems, which in July took over the majority of Intel & # 39; s smartphone modem activities.

The report also confirms earlier rumors that Apple plans to switch to a 5nm manufacturing process for its chips next year, away from the 7nm process it has been using since the A12 Bionic chip debuted in 2018. Apple rival It is also thought that Huawei is working on its own 5nm chip to be launched in a comparable period next year.

In addition to 5G connectivity and a new chip manufacturing process, next year's iPhones are also expected to be Apple's first redesign of its flagship phones since 2017, and may have an in-display fingerprint sensor. In addition to its three flagship devices, Apple could also release a cheap successor to the iPhone SE by the beginning of the year.