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Apple WWDC 2024 live blog: all the news as it happens

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Apple WWDC 2024 live blog: all the news as it happens

WELCOME TO THE Live blog by WIRED for the Apple WWDC 2024 keynote.

We have a couple of reporters at WWDC in Cupertino, California: Brenda Stolyar and Will Knight. Looking remotely, we have Julian Chokkattu, Nena Farrell, Lauren Goode and Michael Calore. The WIRED team will provide live updates and commentary once we go live.

Apple’s presentation will begin in 10 a.m. Pacific Time, 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time and 6 pm Eastern Time (Pacific Time). We’ll start the live blog about 30 minutes early, so tune in here at 9:30am PT, 12:30pm PT and 5:30pm in Ireland and the UK. This text will disappear and be replaced by the live update stream, like so much magic.

The keynote will be streamed live from Apple Park in Cupertino, so you can follow along.

You might be wondering, why are we live blogging when the entire show is also streaming on YouTube? The short answer is easy: we love live blogging! The longer answer is that the WWDC keynote is basically a 90-minute infomercial for all things Apple. It’s a presentation aimed at both Apple software developers and the general public, and while we expect Apple to deliver some news at this keynote, the content on your screen will, of course, be missing much of the necessary context: how How Apple’s software and service offerings compare to Google’s and other competitors’, how transformative Siri updates really are, or what iOS’s newest security features mean for users like you. That’s what the live blog is for, to distill and analyze the news coming from Apple headquarters and give you the context to help you be better informed. Plus, live blogging is fun for us. We really love them.

What to expect

WWDC is the abbreviation of Worldwide Developers Conference, so it is first and foremost an event for developers. However, the keynote contains valuable information for everyone who uses Apple software, hardware, and services. We can expect updates on all of those things, but we’ll probably spend the least amount of time on the hardware. Instead, the bulk of the show will be about all the new features coming to Apple’s software platforms for its devices: iOS, macOS, watchOS, iPadOS, tvOS, and the new visionOS. (If you want to learn more about the new iPhone, come back in a few months; Apple typically hosts events focused on mobile hardware in September.)

One persistent rumor is that Apple will use the WWDC 2024 keynote to unveil several major AI initiatives, including bringing AI-powered interactions to iPhones and Macs, overhauling the Siri voice assistant to give it greater powers and greater responsibilities , and the creation of support for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. technology in the Apple experience.

You can read Brenda’s full rundown on what to expect from Apple WWDC 2024. And we’ll see you here at 9:30 PT for our pre-game remarks. The live event begins half an hour later.

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